Arnold Logistics Selects Insight Supply Chain Software

Insight Inc., an international provider of supply chain planning systems, announces that Arnold Logistics selected its flagship product SAILS 21 for strategic supply chain design and planning. The software defines and analyzes supply chains to create the best supply chains for the world’s largest and most profitable public companies. Arnold Logistics provides distribution, fulfillment, transportation and logistics services to clients such as IBM and Quaker Oats.

“Arnold Logistics is growing rapidly as a full-service logistics provider,” says Doug Enck, CEO of Arnold Logistics. “Our clients expect best-in-class solutions that enable them to maintain a competitive advantage from their supply chains. Insight’s focus on strategic supply chain design optimizes supply chain performance.”

Using Insight’s optimization technology, SAILS 21 determines the best current network and strategically plans for the future. Great strategic supply chain planning is critical for improved financial performance. Other supply chain technologies, such as supply chain execution software, cannot undo or compensate for poor supply chain design. Companies using SAILS 21 minimize costs and maximize profits along their supply chains, creating millions of dollars of value.

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