ARPAC and GRSI Form New Packaging Company

CONSHOHOCKEN, PA.--AG Integrators (AGI), is a new joint venture formed to meet the supply chain needs of retail, manufacturing and Internet retail clients. Prompted by the growing demand for efficient, streamlined DCs, ARPAC provides AGI with packaging equipment manufacturing and engineering experience, while GRSI provides software integration and warehouse control system services. These capabilities united with structured project management and around-the-clock customer support form AGI’s foundation. The effort will be led by newly appointed president, Steve Martyn, and vice president of business development, Chris Thorpe.

AGI designs in-motion packaging systems that use and integrate new and existing equipment from any manufacturer. Its software suite acts as a middleware that integrates all this equipment to any legacy, WMS or ERP host system. AGI supplies its client’s with the equipment and integration software needed to create a streamlined packaging system. Solutions allow for organized and fast communication between the host, subsystems, electrical panels, and PLCs.

Designed to optimize the ‘last 100 ft. of each client’s DC, AGI automates and integrates processes such as package formation, product and pack list insertion, labeling, manifesting, sorting, and more. The outcome is said to reduce client labor costs and achieves maximum efficiency within each client’s DC.

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