Joining to Harvest the Wind

May 21, 2009
PHOENIX—WindGen Energy Inc. signs an exclusive license agreement with Wind Sail Receptor for its wind turbine.

Wind Sail Receptor technology is still under development and currently is not a commercial product.

As the company explains, the unique design of Wind Sail Receptor blades improves their ability to capture wind. They can generate power in winds of five miles per hour and continue generating at up to 50 miles per hour. They are also more compact and lighter than existing blades.

"Converting to renewable energy for a portion of our electrical needs is the responsibility of all of us. We are pleased to have been selected to market his small diameter Wind Turbines. We anticipate having product available by the end of 2009," says WindGen Energy President Dave Martin.

Challenges are ahead for the two companies. Today, there is significant competition in the wind energy generation sector.