Crown Issues Sustainability Report

April 1, 2010
Crown Equipment Corp. has released the 2009 edition of its “ecologic Report,” which summarizes the lift truck manufacturer’s sustainability initiatives and accomplishments for the year.

Specific accomplishments listed in the report include:

Producing the Encore brand of remanufactured lift trucks;
Remanufacturing more than 17,000 reNEWed motors and drive units;
Achieving zero landfill status for Crown’s New Knoxville, Ohio, facility;
Researching, testing and applying fuel-cell technology in lift trucks;
Establishing a fuel-cell qualification program for Crown electric lift trucks;
Developing technologies that conserve waste and fuel, such as e-GEN braking systems—which use AC motor torque to slow the truck instead of wearable brakes—and eSmart Accurate Fuel Tracking for the Crown C-5 series internal combustion lift truck.

“On average, 85% of the components on Crown forklifts are engineered and manufactured by Crown,” says Jim Dicke III, Crown president. As a result, we have a unique level of control over what goes into our product during the manufacturing process and throughout the supply chain. This enables us to take a number of steps to keep sustainability top of mind while reducing waste streams.”

According to Crown, its ecologic program includes materials recycling and recovery, sustainable production and remanufacturing practices, energy efficiency and preservation of land and natural resources.