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Southworth Mobile Leveler

March 25, 2010
The PalletPal mobile leveler from Southworth Products Corp. allows workers to lift, transport, and position 3,000-pound loads.

PalletPal can be used for loading or off-loading pallets, picking orders or positioning materials at workbenches or production machines, says the company. Able to handle any type of pallet or skid, the device is 52.5 inches tall and has dual-wheel steering. Users can choose between manual and electric lift and drive. Standard features include infinite height adjustment, safety wheel/toe guards and auto-stop release, according to Southworth. Electric models have extended-duty cycles, battery discharge indicators and integral battery chargers.

The “fork-over” configuration of PalletPal handles skids and pallets with no cross-bottom boards, and the “straddle” version handles pallets and skids with open or closed bottoms. Standard fork lengths are 42 inches for straddle models and 45 inches for fork-over units. Other fork lengths are available.

Southworth Products Corp.