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Collect On Delivery

Nov. 24, 2010
C.O.D. Friendly, a U.S.-based finance company that develops collect-on-delivery (C.O.D.) and factoring solutions, introduces C.O.D. GUARANTY to protect senders against losses from insufficient C.O.D. payments and to offer receivers terms on their C.O.D. payments.

A manufacturer or other vendor submits a C.O.D. check to C.O.D. Friendly and receives immediate payment on a non-recourse basis. C.O.D. Friendly then gives the vendor’s customer 30 days or more to sell the purchased products before the check is deposited.

This service allows companies to move products off the dock faster, while providing needed 30-day terms for the C.O.D. customer who may have less-than-perfect credit.

This service also provides a vendor’s C.O.D. customers with the ability to re-order on a more consistent basis, which can create sales opportunities that would normally be missed on both sides of the transaction.

C.O.D. Friendly