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Crown RR 5700 Lift Truck

May 21, 2009
Crown Equipment Corp. says its new RR 5700 series lift truck is equipped with the industry’s first-ever traction control system. Specifically designed for narrow-aisle applications, the pantograph reach truck can perform challenging moves at heights greater than 36 feet.

The Crown OnTrac anti-slip traction control system keeps the truck from slipping on wet, dusty or sealed floors. According to the company, OnTrac uses the integrated Crown Access 1 2 3 control system to compare the truck’s speed with the number of revolutions per minute for the drive tire to determine whether the truck has lost traction. The system reduces tire spin during acceleration and prevents wheel lock-up during braking, Crown says.

The company explains that traction control helps decrease tire wear, increase efficiency, reduce the risk of accidents and product damage and improve operator confidence in slick conditions often found in refrigerated or freezer environments.

An available option is the one-touch rack height select feature, which allows operators to stop the forks at a specific rack level by pushing a button.

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