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Top Products of the Year

Dec. 1, 2007
Along with the top feature stories of the year, we asked Jason Washburn, our e-market media development manager, to crank out the products that received

Along with the top feature stories of the year, we asked Jason Washburn, our e-market media development manager, to crank out the products that received the most attention (hits) on the Web in 2007. Here are those items as they appeared on

1. World’s Smallest Operator-on-board Lift Truck

V. Mariotti Co. (Torino, Italy) has partnered with MH Distribution Co. (La Vista, Neb.) to offer dealers west of the Mississippi and Mexico access to the Mariotti line of lift trucks. The agreement with MH Distribution is expected to expand distribution of Mariotti lift trucks throughout the remainder of the U.S. and Canada and into Mexico.

One Mariotti lift truck is said to be the world’s smallest operator-on-board truck, with a width of 31 inches and height of 75 inches. The Mycros and ME series of Mariotti lift trucks can lift up to 2,600 pounds in limited space applications, drive through standard door openings and maneuver elevators, the company says.

V. Mariotti Co.,

2. Walkie/Rider Motorized Hand Pallet Trucks

Hyster Co. (Greenville, N.C.) introduces the new B60ZAC and B80ZAC series of walkie/rider motorized hand pallet trucks. Hyster says AC traction control technology helps increase torque and travel speeds and smoothes acceleration. Traction control offers four performance modes, while traction transistor controllers eliminate the need for motor brushes and directional contactors.

In addition, says the company, both types of trucks allow operators to turn on an “enhance energy efficiency feature” to allow longer operation between battery changes.

A new control handle, shock-absorbing floor mat and low-platform step height enhance ergonomics, Hyster states.

The trucks also feature galvanized chassis, forks and load-wheel linkages as well as lube fittings on all lift-linkage pivot points. Heat-treated, nickel-plate lift-linkage pins and load-wheel axles allow the new B60ZAC or B80ZAC trucks to work in tough applications.

Options include power-assist steering and double- and triple-pallet fork lengths.

Hyster Co.,

3. Industrial Tricycles

Worksman Trading Corp. (Ozone Park, N.Y.) says its industrial tricycles—heavy-duty, human-powered vehicles requiring no fuel and emitting no fumes—efficiently move personnel in large facilities. Using industrial tricycles instead of motorized carts is a cost-saving, environmentally friendly option, according to Worksman.

Worksman Mover M2020-CB tricycles feature 20x2.125 WTC Clincher industrial wheels, 11-gauge spokes, front drum brakes, rear foot-operated coaster brakes, steel platforms and parking brakes.

Industrial bearings support 7/8-inch rear axles and welded, one-piece frames enhance durability, the company states. Payload capacity is 500 pounds. Users can choose from pneumatic or flatproof solid tires. Rear baskets are also available for the tricycles, which come in 11 colors.

Worksman Trading Corp.,

4. Aluminum and Hybrid Pallets

Toro Pallets (Dallas) introduces ultra-lightweight aluminum and hybrid transportation pallets that have no screws, bolts or nails. Food and pharmaceutical operations, which have to follow strict sanitation requirements, can benefit from the pallets, says Toro.

RFID tags can be used to trace the pallets, and temperature-sensing devices can offer real-time data for sensitive products.

Toro says the pallets weigh 25 to 40 pounds, and a 24- foot trailer with 12 Toro pallets loaded could reduce net weight by 300 pounds.

Toro Pallets,

5. Counterbalanced Lift Trucks

Crown Equipment Corp. (New Bremen, Ohio), releases its FC 4500 series of four-wheel counterbalanced lift trucks, which feature “Technovation,” a term the company uses to describe the fusion of technology and innovation.

Comprehensive system controls and Intrinsic Stability systems keep hydraulic, travel, counterweight and ramp speeds in check, says Crown.

Power brakes result in better braking efficiency and reduced maintenance costs, according to the company. Braking systems, says Crown, are covered under a two-year warranty.

Enhanced operator visibility results from the trucks’ cab-forward designs, sculpted steering columns and unobstructed views from the mast. Crown says the lift trucks also feature adjustable steering columns, low step height and generous head room, shoulder clearance and knee room.

Crown Equipment Corp.,

6. Pallet Walkers

Keith Manufacturing Co. (Madras, Ore.), launches its new Pallet Walker systems, which, according to the company, can load or unload 53-foot trailers in fewer than five minutes.

Pallet Walkers replace traditional trailer floors and convey freight automatically. A series of aluminum floor slats advance loads horizontally into or out of trailers. The slats also lift and lower, creating positive traction between the product and floor, which, in turn, eliminates twisting and binding of cargo, the company states. Pallets, racks, barrels, slip sheets, boxes and lumber can be conveyed byPallet Walkers.

Pallet Walkers are bi-directional, require no dock for loading or unloading and allow for flexible delivery locations, according to the company. They can be walked and driven on while operating.

Keith Walking Floor unloader technology helped inspire the creation of Pallet Walkers, says the company.

Keith Mfg. Co.,