FAST Monitor v1.2

Jan. 21, 2009
PHILADELPHIA, Pa. - Accu-Sort Systems announced the release of FAST Monitor v1.2, an enhanced version of its browser-based application for monitoring

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. - Accu-Sort Systems announced the release of FAST Monitor™ v1.2, an enhanced version of its browser-based application for monitoring auto-ID devices and systems. The new version offers centralized monitoring across facilities and around the world, monitoring of third-party equipment, and camera image quality analysis. In addition to monitoring real-time performance, FAST Monitor software can generate reports from historical data for detailed trend analysis.

Monitor Across Facilities and Around the World
With the new version of FAST Monitor software, authorized users have access to any Internet-connected FAST Monitor server from anywhere in world -- with only a simple browser (IE, Firefox, etc.). No additional client software is required. Similarly, dedicated interface computers are not required. Users can view FAST Monitor from any PC with an Internet connection - in the office, on the shop floor or on the road.

Third-Party System Support
FAST Monitor v1.2 software works with many third-party products capable of serving XML-compliant data. This extended compatibility streamlines operations by consolidating performance data from all components of a bar code scanning and sortation system such as scanners, dimensioners, scales, conveyors, and tilt trays.

Image Quality Analysis Tool
FAST Monitor v1.2 software includes a new Image Quality Analysis (IQA) tool that makes it easier to track camera performance. The IQA tool compares the scan of a special test image to stored reference values for the test image. The resulting scores for noise, brightness, contrast, focus, and edge sharpness provide an objective evaluation of each camera's image quality.

Easy Implementation
To simplify implementation, Accu-Sort's next-generation products, including the AV6010 scanner and Enhanced Airport Array, are pre-configured for integration with FAST Monitor v1.2 software.

"The additional functionality in v1.2 is all about spending less and getting more," said Pratap Chakravarthy, product marketing manager with Accu Sort Systems. "Now customers can monitor the performance of their sortation systems more easily and maintain the equipment more economically. And not just Accu-Sort's bar code readers and dimensioners but all equipment that affects throughput."

FAST Monitor v1.2 software can be purchased as part of Accu Sort's FAST Suite™, a collection of flexible, configurable applications that can be used as stand alone products or combined to provide systems solutions.

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