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Feb. 15, 2005
NEW BREMEN, Ohio Crown Equipment Corporation will give employers a boost in 2005. A 34-inch boost to be exact.Crowns newest addition to its fleet of Wave

NEW BREMEN, Ohio — Crown Equipment Corporation will give employers a boost in 2005. A 34-inch boost to be exact.
Crown’s newest addition to its fleet of Wave® Work Assist Vehicles now allows a typical operator to reach up to 17 feet compared to 14 feet with the original Wave.

First introduced in 1997, this revolutionary tool for employers has improved productivity, reduced labor costs and increased safety in more than 400 industries around the world. The Wave allows users to transport and lift materials that otherwise would have been carried by hand, using manual tools such as ladders.

“Having this new lift height capability will allow even more of our typical customers such as retail, hotels, hospitals and others to take advantage of the Wave’s productivity and safety benefits,” says Matt Ranly, Crown Senior Marketing Product Manager.
In either the original (WAV50-84) or new height option (WAV50-118), the Wave offers multiple benefits for owners and operators, including:

- Potentially cutting labor costs in half by safely making two-person jobs into one-person jobs
- Doubling the average walking speed
- Traveling and elevating simultaneously (speed is reduced at height)
- Supporting up to 200 pounds on the load tray and up to 250 pounds on the load deck
- Maneuvering in compact work aisles as narrow as 36 inches
- Coordinating travel control, lift/lower operations, steering and braking through built-in safety systems “Our customers are constantly finding new ways to use the Wave,” says Ranly. “That includes small parts picking, rail-guided applications, commercial applications, manufacturing and distribution. With the new height capability, Crown has added to that versatility.”

Crown Equipment Corporation is the number one brand of electric lift trucks in the United States and the fifth largest manufacturer in the world. Crown’s award-winning line of trucks has earned a reputation for exceptional product design, engineering and manufacturing. From the smallest hand pallet truck to the highest lifting turret truck, Crown seeks to provide users with safe, efficient and ergonomic lift trucks that lower total cost of ownership and maximize uptime. Headquartered in New Bremen, Ohio, Crown lift trucks are manufactured and sold throughout
the world.

Crown Equipment Corporation
44 South Washington St.
New Bremen, OH 45869