Arena 330 Shipper

May 7, 2007
ROCHESTER, NY. A.R. Arena Products Inc. has enhanced and strengthened its Arena 330 Shipper Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) Liquid Shipping System,

ROCHESTER, NY. – A.R. Arena Products Inc. has enhanced and strengthened its Arena 330 Shipper™ Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) Liquid Shipping System, maintaining its position as the leading product for reducing costs and waste in bulk liquid transport packaging, it was announced today.

The Arena 330 bag-in-box system is designed to virtually eliminate the solid and liquid waste associated with 55 gallon drums and other intermediate bulk containers. In addition, the collapsible Arena 330 Shipper, which has a 330-gallon capacity, dramatically reduces the cost of return shipping and the storage space required for reusable IBCs. The newest innovations added by Arena to the system are components that optimize filling and discharge. The total system includes the collapsible 330 Shipper, disposable bags, fill and discharge equipment, and pooling services.

“In order to provide our customers with the best IBC possible, we have addressed all aspects of the system, including safe productive filling, productive and complete discharge, and more efficient and cost-effective transport and return logistics. This holistic approach, enhanced with continuous improvement, has resulted in a state-of-the-art comprehensive liquid shipping system that is unparalleled in the market,” said Mike Brunhuber, vice president of Arena Products.

Single use drums and IBCs generate about 100 to 200 lbs. of solid and liquid waste per 330 gallons shipped. Reusable drums and reusable tank-style IBCs generate similar volumes of liquid effluent waste in most applications, while also being extremely costly to store and return: empty containers take up as much space as full ones. In contrast, the Arena Shipper generates as little as 10 lbs. of waste per 330 gallons. When empty, users simply need to dispose of the used liquid liner bag, which also provides sanitary and even aseptic packaging for each use. The Arena Shipper occupies 50 percent less space than the six 55-gallon drums it replaces. When collapsed, three to seven times as many empty Arena Shippers fit in the space needed for one full IBC for cost effective storage and return shipping.

The Arena 330 Shipper is the lightest and strongest foldable, reusable, bag-in-box IBC for non-hazardous liquids. It is constructed of advanced structural plastic resins and composites to meet the extreme forces associated with the dynamic motion of liquids caused by shock and vibration in truck and rail transport over a long haul. The container was designed using the most advance finite element modeling structural analysis methods which had previously been applied only to aerospace and automotive design. The methods were essential not only to resisting extreme dynamic loads, but also in conserving the use of costly advanced materials.

The advanced design methods enabled Arena to create a container with a total tare weight of only 180 pounds - about 100 pounds lighter than similar containers on the market. This reduced weight translates into increased freight efficiency with more net payload in some applications, and enhanced ergonomics and ease of use in all markets. “By using advanced materials that are 5 to 10 times the strength of substances commonly used to make reusable plastic containers, we achieve much greater strength at a much lower tare weight,” explained Brunhuber. This light weight, combined with an intuitive latching system and a foolproof folding sequence, make the Arena Shipper easy to set up and knock down.

The newest enhancement to the 330 Shipper is the Air-Evac® system, a unique bag technology that dramatically increases the amount of high viscosity fluids that can be extracted from bag-in-box packages, without bag handling. The patented, hands-free system works by replacing the volume of liquid pumped out of the inner chamber of the bag with shop air introduced to chambers on the outside of the bag. The innovative approach helps increase labor productivity while decreasing waste and the possibility of product contamination. All Arena 330 Shipper liquid liners are supplied in a cassette for easy installation and optimal filling without excessive bag handling.

Arena Products also provides term rental, trip lease, container tracking and control, cleaning and maintenance, and reverse logistics through its popular Arena Fleet Services. This service, which was the first reusable plastic container (RPC) pooling business in North America, is enhanced by Arena’s sophisticated software tracking application to make sure that containers are always clean and available to customers when they need them.

“Through constant evaluation and innovation, we have created a total system for shipping and discharging bulk liquids, in the most sanitary and cost-effective method possible,” summarized Brunhuber.

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