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Aug. 1, 2003
FAST DATA COMMUNICATION The Ethernet TCP/IP Programmable Fieldbus Controller 750-841 features 100 Mbps Ethernet, IEC-61131-3 and open architecture software


The Ethernet TCP/IP Programmable Fieldbus Controller 750-841 features 100 Mbps Ethernet, IEC-61131-3 and open architecture software interfaces and protocols. It comes with a 32-bit RISC processor, 512 kB program memory, 128 kB data memeory and 24 kB retentive memory. It supports the following protocols; http, XML, SOAP, DHCP, DNS, FTP, SNMP and SMTP.

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Steel Hinge Belt Conveyor serves the stamping, forging, fastener and forming industries. This all-metal conveyor is available in four flow patterns (S, P, L and Z) with belt widths to 60 in. in 2-in. increments. Options include choice of belt material, coating, rigid or adjustable supports and casters.

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The Controller-E is a high-speed AS-i master and PLC integrated into one housing. It provides detailed diagnostics on its integrated backlit LCD display and features 1 MB of total memory with 128k words for program memory. It operates in two modes. As a gateway, it connects two AS-I systems, up to 868 I/O points, as one node on a higher-level bus. As a PLC, it offers more than 300 counters and timers. The software conforms to IEC 1131 supporting five programming languages.

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The Model SK3400 pallet flow storage system is useful for storing palletloads of perishable and time-sensitive products. This flow storage rack better utilizes storage space, allowing for fewer aisles and fewer lift trucks, reducing labor and fuel cost. Use it for raw material, work-in-process, buffer storage, finished goods, orderpicking and crossdocking.

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Conveyors with adjustable length, multiple-arm transfer takes parts from varying die positions when placed within a press die area or through a window. The arm transfers symmetric and non-symmetric blanks or stampings. The unit is available with hydraulic or electric drive. Magnetic rolls and under-belt magnets ensure the positive and rapid takeaway of parts.

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System prints and applies a four-color label to collateral materials such as file folders. Documents within the file are barcoded, identifying the contents. An open folder is then placed in a product fixture with the barcode visible for scanning. As the folder travels down the conveyor belt, a four-color label and a barcode are printed using the identifying information contained in the barcode. The label is then applied and folded to adhere to both sides of the folder tab. The system has two print and apply labeling stations for faster printing. Each station prints and applies a label to alternating folders. A verifier at the end of the line verifies that the barcode on both the file label and the file contents match.

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The VT160 Vacuum Tube Lifter with Flexi-Head pad attachment has two heads with flexible seals that can each articulate 45 degrees to handle irregular shaped loads. It can keep loads level at all times. Plus, it eliminates the need for heavy lifting, bending, back strain and two-person lifting. The easy-to-grip handle adjusts up and down to match an operator’s hand strength. It can handle up to 125 lb with 360 degree swivel under vacuum.

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This design concept allows the transport of up to eight conveyors in one load. The multi-functional units can perform as transfer, stacking or low-profile conveying systems. The conveyor components are located inside the conveyor frame. Three undercarriage options are available. With a kick-down support, the units can be used as transfer conveyors at a 7-ft discharge height. An axle undercarriage support allows the conveyors to process material to 500 tph at an 18-degree incline. A low-profile bend option can be used under discharge chutes with low headroom.

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The ELF photoelectric sensor is available in three versions: reflex retro-reflective, background suppression and energetic. The background suppression has a detection range to 50 mm, the energetic diffuse to 100 mm. The background suppression sensor suppresses interference from moving or reflective objects in a background. Features of all three include light immunity, and reverse polarity, overload and short circuit protection.

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Case History | Modular Drawers Maximize Space

When Schmersal LLC, a distributor of industrial safety products and switches, prepared to move to a new warehouse, the company decided to switch from industrial shelving to a modular drawer storage system. This was part of a plan to streamline operations by improving organization and optimizing space.

The layout of the new, 10,000-square-foot headquarters presented two design challenges. First, only 3,000 square feet would be used for storage. Second, the warehouse was L-shaped, which could inhibit work flow and orderpicking.

To overcome these obstacles, the distributor selected shallow-depth Storage Walls and industrial workbenches from Lista International.

The Storage Wall, a combination of modular drawers, adjustable shelves and roll-out trays, provides high-density storage when floor space is limited. It takes advantage of available vertical spaces and requires only a 36-inch access aisle.

Eight industrial workbenches were arranged as individual workstations. At on-line staging areas, the workbenches serve multiple functions — from receiving to packaging to final inspection stations.

The new storage system has delivered an overall space savings that will accommodate 25 percent growth over the next several years.

For the full story, go to, MHM, Articles, Industry News, "Modular Drawers Maximize Space."

Modular Storage Walls and industrial workbenches by Lista International; 225


Model SM15/20 walk behind stacker for low volume distribution is for light-duty applications that require power lift but not power drive. It is available with either a single mast for 62-in. lift or a telescoping mast for lifts to 130 in. The stacker is 67.5 in. long, with two 8-in. diameter 2-in. wide nylon swivel casters. Features include hydraulic lifting and lowering, a 10 A automatic battery charger, a floor locking foot brake and adjustable straddle legs and forks. Maximum load capacity is 1,500 lb for the SM 15 and 2,000 for the SM 20 with a load center of 24 in.

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The Model S40-65 XM Series lift truck is available in seven capacities ranging from 4,000 to 6,500 lb. The SpaceSaver SM Series engine features an elastomeric mounting system that compensates for varying load levels to lessen both noise and vibration. The fully isolated ComforCab uses soundproofing material and a convenient cab design for increased operator productivity and comfort. The hydrostatic power steering system ensures stable, tight-corner turning, and the steer axle requires little maintenance.

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The FK compact fork positioners allow for the use of standard forks of a lift truck. Visibility is enhanced by the sloped shape of the upper cross member. The driver’s view is not disturbed when picking up pallets at ground level. Fork carriers are actuated by two hydraulic cylinders that slide onto a chromed bar. Also available in side-shifting versions.

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Case History | Turning Scheduling into a Dream

Previously, inventory at Robitech Inc. was tracked by a spreadsheet, and ordering was a manual process, creating a nightmare for the operations manager. Parts came in from many vendors. Many of those parts were needed for a number of systems, so it was hard to know when a part came in which job it was for.

The Wilmington, Massachusetts, company manufactures electronic-pneumatic products and systems. Components for its products are purchased from outside suppliers. The company maintains a small inventory, but purchases most parts as needed.

Robitech’s spreadsheet/paper-based approach had many drawbacks. Management decided to implement a combined enterprise resource planning (ERP)-accounting system to track operations. The new software had to run under Windows and be affordable. The choice was Visual Manufacturing from Lilly Software Associates. The software has modules for estimating, finite scheduling, order entry, time keeping, job costing, MRP, purchasing, inventory, customer relationship management, e-business and financials — all working from the same database. For example, in Visual, order entry is linked to material forecasting and requisition, ensuring that raw material arrives in time to meet the production schedule.

Since installation, the new software has helped double production. In that time, the administrative staff has gone up by only seven to 10 percent.

For the full story, go to, MHM, Articles, Industry News, "Turning Scheduling into a Dream."

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