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Aug. 1, 2009
FACILITIES Panel Dolly Hamilton Caster & Mfg. Co. has introduced a panel dolly that transports slabs of granite, quartz, concrete or other heavy materials.


Panel Dolly

Hamilton Caster & Mfg. Co. has introduced a panel dolly that transports slabs of granite, quartz, concrete or other heavy materials. Able to accommodate slab thicknesses up to three and a half inches, the dolly features lightweight, aluminum construction and measures 92 × 24 × 43.75 inches. On each side, four adjustable handles and 10 different handle positions accommodate different operators or environments. Two large 12-×-3-inch Ace-Tuf wheels provide smooth rolling over uneven surfaces. Load capacity is 1,200 pounds, and customization services are available to suit specific requirements.

Hamilton Caster & Mfg. Co.

5S Cabinet

Stanley Vidmar is offering a 5S cabinet that helps organize and manage workspaces to support lean manufacturing strategies. The cabinet has a durable case with metal pegboard inserts and clear acrylic or solid hinged doors. Clear, acrylic doors allow employees to see tools and/or parts, while the solid, hinged door provides additional metal pegboard storage. Vidmar says the cabinet delivers the 5S methodology of “set in order,” which emphasizes efficient and effective storage. The company notes that it offers free site analysis to potential customers.

Stanley Vidmar


Closed-Loop Pallet

ALX Pallet Systems has announced its C5 aluminum pallet, a 48-×-40-inch, closed-loop or semi-closed-loop pallet. The company says the C5 pallet is cost effective, durable, weighs less than 50 pounds and is capable of racking 3,200 pounds. It is also recyclable and compliant with UL, FM, Greenpeace and U.S. EPA standards.

ALX Pallet Systems

Crushproof Cases

SKB has introduced its 3I-2317-14 injection molded case, and Canyonwest Cases is making them available to companies needing strong cases to safeguard sensitive equipment against water, dust or shipping damage. SKB 3I Series cases are available in 13 sizes, ranging from 9.25 × 7 × 4 inches to 29 × 18 × 14 inches. Cases are waterproof, dustproof and crushproof. They also have an automatic purge valve and unconditional lifetime guarantee. Options include Pick-N-Pluck foam, dividers, custom foam, custom labeling and custom colors. Some sizes are equipped with wheels and retractable pull-handles.

Canyonwest Cases

Flat Dunnage Bag

Danish air packaging company Valtego has developed a flat-shaped dunnage bag called O3 Max, which is said to be a recyclable replacement for more expensive bracing methods.

Air pressure inside traditionally used pillow-shaped air bags can centralize in the middle of the bag, causing damage to cargo or boxes. To solve this problem, flat boards are often used in between a pillow-shaped air bag and the cargo to even out centralized pressure. The O3 Max flat-shaped design eliminates the cost of a flat board while providing up to three times more control of the cargo, according to Valtego. Both outer and inner layers are made of recyclable plastic.



Line Vac Conveyors

Exair's new Heavy-Duty Threaded Line Vac conveyors convert ordinary pipe into a conveying system for bulk materials, including steel shot, metal parts, scrap and trim. Designed for rugged, industrial applications, the conveyors have hardened alloy construction to prevent premature wear. The Heavy-Duty Threaded Line Vac features large throat diameters that make it possible to convey more material over long vertical and horizontal lengths. The conveyors eject a small amount of compressed air through directed nozzles to produce a vacuum on one end with high output flows on the other. Response is instantaneous. The conveying rate is controlled using a pressure regulator on the compressed air supply. Applications include transferring bulk materials and parts, hopper loading, waste/trim removal, fiber tensioning, chip removal and filling operations.


DC-Powered Conveyor

Hytrol has introduced its E24 conveyor powered by a 24-volt DC motor. The new conveyor uses ½ amp less power than conventional powered roller conveyors, according to Hytrol. One motor powers all conveyor widths, and the system does not use gears, chains or chain guards. In addition, users can replace the motor while the conveyor is operating. Variable-speed capability is available per motor zone, and the conveyor line is available in live-roller, accumulation, spur/curve, chain-roller, chain-transfer, belt-over-roller, incline/decline and lift-gate versions.



Computer Station

Creform Corp. has introduced its mobile laptop computer station, which provides a secure space for a laptop and ergonomically positions a computer at a comfortable work height. The station's four large-diameter swivel casters ensure easy rolling and maneuverability, and two of the casters can be locked for greater safety and stability while working. The station has overall dimensions of 42 × 38 × 26 inches but is custom configurable.

Uses for the new workstation include supporting equipment maintenance and installation or training. Creform says its mobile laptop computer station is ideal for cycle counting and other inventory control activities. The mobile workstation also features a bottom shelf on which a stool can be carried. Alternately, a seat can be built into the station.

Creform Corp.

Touchscreen HMI

Omron Electronics has extended its NS Series touchscreen HMIs with a 15-inch diagonal display offering brightness and readability indoors and outdoors. The NS15 has built-in Modbus II and Internet interfaces as well as an option to incorporate live video images and data from inspection systems into the screen design for more informative monitoring. In addition to its high-definition LCD display, the NS15 also has built-in dual serial ports for long-distance, multi-drop data exchange and front panel function keys. The NS15 can provide remote Web browsing and control without the need to install specialized software on the host PC. The NS Web interface allows displays of alarms and actual values for remote monitoring and operation of the HMI and file transfer of stored data from the memory card.

Omron Electronics

Photoelectric Sensors

The Dura-Vue MLV12 series photoelectric sensors from Pepperl+Fuchs provide a sensing range from 50 to 150 mm with a 4-mm light spot that enables the sensors to detect very small targets, regardless of color or shape. Background evaluation photoelectric sensors establish a light path to a reference background object and back to the sensor. Targets are detected when they pass in front of the sensor and disrupt the light path. Even rounded or curved targets that otherwise may reflect light away from the sensor and targets with poor reflectivity can be detected.

Dura-Vue sensors feature a harsh-duty IP67-rated, metal-framed housing with swivel connector and operate in temperatures as low as -40 °F. The sensor automatically sinks, or sources, its current based on the connected load. A visible red light source allows for precise alignment, while a potentiometer facilitates adjustments to sensing range.


Desktop Thermal Transfer Printer

Godex has announced its EZ1105 desktop thermal transfer printer, a barcode printing solution. Key features of the EZ1105 include Auto-Adapt media sensor, high-speed interfaces with standard USB 2.0 or optional internal Ethernet for fast label printing, QLabel design software with database capability, Seagull Scientific Windows drivers and a 300-dpi version called the EZ1305 for printing high-resolution graphics and barcodes.


2D Reader

Datalogic Scanning has introduced its cordless PowerScan PM8500 Imager, a 2D reader suitable for a range of applications in warehouse, manufacturing/work-in-progress, transportation and healthcare applications. The PM8500 includes Datalogic's 3GL technology featuring “Green Spot” technology and “Double Good Read LED” for improved reader feedback in noisy environments. Point-to-point and point to multi-point (32 scanners per base station) connectivity also is available through the company's STAR Cordless system.

Datalogic Scanning

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