Vendor News: Accu-Sort Systems Receives RFID Innovation Award

March 1, 2006
Accu-Sort Systems Inc. (Philadelphia) received the 2006 Frost & Sullivan Market Award for Product Line Strategy.The global consulting companyrecognized

Accu-Sort Systems Inc. (Philadelphia) received the 2006 Frost & Sullivan Market Award for Product Line Strategy. The global consulting company recognized Accu-Sort for its ability to evaluate the business processes and successfully integrate RFID technology with existing infrastructure , most notably using its Flexible Automation Solution Tools (FAST) software. The FAST Tag software controls edge devices, which range from RFID label applicators to desktop printers to bar code scanners and RFID portals. The software integrates these devices while managing the communication to enterprise resource planning and warehouse management systems.

The Frost & Sullivan Market Award for Product Line Strategy is presented each year to a company that has demonstrated the most insight into customer needs and product demands. The recipient company should have optimized its product line by leveraging products with the various price, performance and feature points required by the market.

To select the award recipient, an analyst team tracks all end-user requirements and market dynamics within the industry. This process includes interviews with suppliers, end-users and industry experts. The product lines are compared with customer base demands, and the top-ranking supplier is then presented the award.

The recipient also should have excelled in one or more of the following criteria:

  • Introduction of new products, strategically positioned to balance the product line
  • Ability to accommodate different market segments, or different markets within an industry, by repurposing technology
  • Enhancement of product offerings through optimization of packaging, service, delivery, financing and/or other value-added services
  • Strategic technology or marketing acquisitions or alliances.