Corner Clip

June 9, 2008
A lot of time, money and ingenuity are expended every year by manufacturing to improve the logistics of moving components through their facilities...on

A lot of time, money and ingenuity are expended every year by manufacturing to improve the logistics of moving components through their facilities...on conveyors, over flow racks, on carts and to process points only have many of these expensive efforts stymied by the simple corrugated box and its four end flaps. For access, the flaps can be cut off, presenting the hazards of sharp cutting tools, injuries, wasted time, and separate refuse for disposal. There’s also the added chance of cardboard dust and particles contaminating box contents.

The second alternative is to leave the flaps on the box, making operators struggle with keeping them open, and dealing with cuts and skin abrasions when reaching into containers. Also, conveyance can be interrupted as flaps often interfere with conveyor side rails or support structures. Then too, when closed boxes are sent down flow racks, operators first have to remove the box from the rack for opening since most rack width and height spacings will not allow adequate room for this procedure. Then, the operator has to replace the container on the rack—a waste of valuable productive time for unwarranted handling.

The third alternative is the new and economical Corner Clip material handling accessory from Creform® Corporation, creators and manufacturers of the Creform® System, the adaptive material handling and logistics system that helps users develop lean, productive and economical handling structures and transport support equipment.

Creform’s Corner Clips are manufactured from durable and rugged polystyrene plastic providing long, repeatable usage and are designed to securely pin the end flaps of a cardboard box to its respective side. In most applications only two clips, placed on opposite, diagonal corners are enough to hold down the flaps and improve packing/unpacking operational efficiency through unimpeded operator access to box contents. And, since all boxes remain as a single, intact container when the clips are employed, cost-saving reuse is possible, or more efficient recycling and disposal enhances lean operational programs.

For added security and to bolster strength for stacking boxes, clips can be positioned at each of the four corners, helping to better distribute weight loads and prevent sides from sagging. The clips’ configuration also allows for the use of plastic cable ties that, when installed diagonally across each clip reinforces and braces the corners for heavy box stacking applications.

The Creform System, consisting of plastic coated steel pipe, joints, and hardware accessories, are use to build floor structures, table and bench top units, part stands, push carts, shelf carts and trailers, tilting racks, work tables and workstations along with portable tool cribs and storage units. In addition, Creform offers simple drive units, power supplies and guidance systems to create economical, easy-install Automated Guided Carts and Vehicles for efficient material handling.

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