High-Speed STV

March 25, 2005
SALT LAKE CITY - Move material accurately and cost effectively with Daifuku America Corporation's High-Speed Sorting Transfer Vehicles (STVs). The High-Speed

SALT LAKE CITY - Move material accurately and cost effectively with Daifuku America Corporation's High-Speed Sorting Transfer Vehicles (STVs). The High-Speed STVs accelerate at one foot per second to speeds up to 656 feet per minute and can transport up to 750 loads per hour per loop.

Daifuku America Corporation is a material handling equipment manufacturer and warehouse management software provider. Daifuku develops transportation, sorting, and storage software and equipment for the material handling, warehousing and semiconductor manufacturing industries.

STVs are designed to help eliminate the sorting and transport delays that can occur with conveyor or Automated Guided Vehicle systems. STVs can run either on the floor or on a guide track that can be easily shortened or lengthened as needed. Vehicles can be added or removed depending on material movement requirements and floor plan. STVs in single vehicle systems can move bi-directionally using a straight or L-shaped layout. Multi vehicle systems use a continuous loop. Families of STV vehicles are designed to facilitate loads weighing 100 pounds to over 4000 pounds.

Radio frequency (RF) communication and real-time system (RTS) software help track individual STV loads from pickup to delivery for precise inventory tracking and scheduling. Additional features of Daifuku America Corporation's High Speed Sorting Transfer Vehicles include:
- Easy-to-operate on-board microprocessor control--Simply define the layout to the controller and it directs the STVs. Once programmed, one controller has the capability to command multiple STVs on single or multiple systems;
- Modular components--Keep pace with operating volume increases can be effortless by adding STVs, track and/or input/output stations to the current configuration; and
- Built-in diagnostics--Ease installation and maintenance with intuitive diagnostic tools.

"Daifuku America Corporation has earned the reputation as the authority in transport and sorting software and material handling equipment,” said John King, vice president of marketing and sales at Daifuku America Corporation. "Our High Speed Sorting Transfer Vehicles continues the tradition. The STVs are simple to install, easy to use, and deliver flawless accuracy to account for the demand of high-throughput operations."

The High Speed STVs are available now. Beginning June 1, 2005 the STVs will be available for in-person demos at Daifuku America Corporation's Salt Lake City demo center. To schedule a demo, or for more information, visit www.daifukuamerica.com or call 800-253-1003.

About Daifuku American Corporation
Daifuku America Corporation, the North American affiliate of Daifuku Co., Ltd., is the leading material handling equipment and software provider for the automotive, factory automation, warehousing and semiconductor industries. Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, its Salt Lake City, Utah office houses engineering, sales support and service operations for warehousing/distribution and semiconductor manufacturing. Daifuku America Corporation's equipment and software solutions are used by thousands of food, electronics, retail, clothing, books, aerospace, semiconductors, flat panel displays, and automobile manufacturing customers around the world. For information on its full range of warehouse management software, conveyors, sortation systems, transport vehicles, order-picking systems, storage buffers, and transport systems visit www.warehouse-rx.com and www.daifukuamerica.com. Daifuku Co., Ltd. is headquartered in Osaka, Japan and is traded on the Nikkei stock exchange.