Wash Down Sensors

Sept. 16, 2008
Minneapolis, Minn., SICK, announced its new IMF Inductive Sensor, MH15V Photoelectric Sensor, and V18V Photoelectric Sensor, which all have an IP 69K

Minneapolis, Minn., – SICK, announced its new IMF Inductive Sensor, MH15V Photoelectric Sensor, and V18V Photoelectric Sensor, which all have an IP 69K rating for wash down environments. These products are not only lab tested, but also field tested. They have been successfully implemented in real-life situations and stand up to harsh environments, making them ideal for the food and beverage industry.

The IMF, MH15V and V18V Sensors are Ecolab and JohnsonDiversey certified, which provides an advantage because most competitors cannot meet these more rigorous tests. The materials used in the IMF, MH15V and V18V Sensors are certified by the Food and Drug Administration for food and beverage applications. The IMF, MH15V and V18V Sensors augment the wide range of wash down-rated solutions from SICK, including a full range of IP 69K sensors, sensor cables, junction boxes, and enclosures for safety solutions and bar code scanners.

IMF Inductive Sensors – Watertight, Temperature-resistant
The IMF series of inductive sensors offer maximum sensing reliability, and resistance to chemicals used during cleaning processes in food production and the filling of beverages. Watertight and temperature-resistant, they are a robust and powerful solution. During the development of the IMF series, emphasis was placed on corrosion resistance, tight installation and temperature resistance in order to meet all the demands of chemical cleaning, disinfection processes, increased ambient temperatures, air humidity, and high water pressures.

MH15V Photoelectric Sensor – Shortest Full-metal Stainless Steel Housing
The MH15V Sensors are characterized by their short housings, corrosion-resistant materials, cleaning-friendly wash down housing design, and high IP 69K enclosure rating. Designed for use in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industry, the MH15V meets the demands of chemical cleaning processes, increased air humidity and high water pressures during the external cleaning of equipment. This has been confirmed by independent tests carried out by ECOLAB and JohnsonDiversey.

The V18V Photoelectric Sensor with Patented Touch-teach
The V18V offers many features for ease of use. These include a patented sensitivity adjustment, optimized materials, wide sensing range, expanded temperature range, and certificates from ECOLAB and JohnsonDiversey. The technological highlight of the series is a patented touch-teach sensitivity adjustment. The V18V still offers sensitivity adjustment on the sensor – but it now does not require mechanical operating elements such as rotary potentiometer or button. This eliminates possible weak points, such as adjustment elements and plastic seals.

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