HandsFree CCD

July 5, 2006
PHILADELPHIA, Pa. Accu-Sort Systems, Inc. introduces the AccuVision HandsFree CCD camera and decoder that offer a low-cost solution and allow for greater

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. – Accu-Sort Systems, Inc. introduces the AccuVision® HandsFree™ CCD camera and decoder that offer a low-cost solution and allow for greater processing rates in applications where packages are now scanned by hand. CCD technology meets the needs of demanding high-speed hand sortation applications. With a first pass read rate of more than 99 percent (compared to 90-96 percent for lasers), HandsFree provides the accuracy of a camera at the price of a laser scanner, while increasing product throughput. Quick set-up and low maintenance enable HandsFree to provide the lowest total cost of ownership of any bar code scanning option.

HandsFree is Accu-Sort’s smallest linear and 2D reader with a footprint that easily fits on a production line or hand picking area, providing the coverage needed to accommodate a variety of products without having to relocate the camera. HandsFree also has a large depth of field, which is ideal for hand induction.

The AccuVision HandsFree camera system, when combined with the AccuVision decoder for Mid-Range Cameras, incorporates robust decode software that reads 2D and linear bar codes on stationary or moving objects. The decode software and integrated LED illumination ensure that HandsFree delivers the best possible read rates even on poor contrast and damaged bar codes in any orientation.

User-friendly browser based setup and interface software allows for quick and easy installation. The HandsFree camera’s unique laser targeting system enables the operator to easily find the bar code reading “sweet spot” that ensures seamless decodes. The decoder can differentiate between codes in the camera’s field of view or decode multiple codes simultaneously. The output message format can be modified to meet the requirements of any network. The decoder communicates results to the system using on-board Ethernet TCP/IP, serial connections or user programmable I/O. HandsFree is a true plug-and-play device. It sets up in less than 20 minutes, compared to 60 minutes for laser systems. Replacement takes less than five minutes.

“With the HandsFree camera, there is never the need to pick up a hand scanner again,” said Mike Bosha, Accu-Sort product manager. “We have seen throughput increase by 50 percent in many applications because operators do not need to pause to hand scan an item.”

HandsFree has no external fans or filters, and requires maintenance only once a year, compared to two to four times a year for lasers. It also has a longer life than lasers, reducing the cost of ownership over the product’s life. HandsFree is a cost-effective scanning solution for a variety of industries, including parcel/package distribution, retail/wholesale distribution and manufacturing.

The AccuVision decoder ships with Accu-Sort’s advanced control and diagnostic software, AXCESS™ for AccuVision Cameras®, a web-based application that allows anyone with a computer and an internet browser to set up and configure the decoder. AXCESS saves configuration parameters for both the camera and decoder. Parameters can also be conveniently stored on a USB memory stick. When the memory stick is inserted in the decoder, the parameters are automatically downloaded from or uploaded to the camera and decoder. It operates remotely using a network connection or locally via a keyboard/monitor connected to the decoder. AXCESS also provides extensive diagnostic capabilities, image viewing and image analysis tools.

For more information, call 1-800-BAR-CODE or visit the Accu-Sort website at www.accusort.com .

Accu-Sort Systems is a pioneer in reliable auto ID and high-speed compliance solutions with more than three decades of experience deploying and supporting scanning and tracking solutions in distribution, warehousing, manufacturing, and retailer environments. The company is also an established provider of convergent RFID and bar code systems with more than 50 RFID installations. 1-800-BAR-CODE or www.accusort.com.

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