Curtain Walls

Jan. 21, 2010
Zoneworks flexible Sliding Softwalls (or “curtain walls”) allow users to adapt large interior spaces to gain better environmental control and/or create separate zones in order to create privacy, improve cleanliness, increase security, contain odors, fumes, dust or noise, and accomplish other key facility management goals.

Zoneworks Sliding Softwalls slide open or closed with minimal effort. They’re designed to make the existing space better fit the facility’s immediate- and long-term needs and enhance the environment of the people who use it. Made out of heavy-duty industrial vinyl, the flexible curtain walls are custom-designed for each application, allowing users to improve physical space without the cost, permanence or space requirements of rigid walls. Systems can be reconfigured as facility layout or environmental control needs change.

A heavy-duty track and trolley system supports the sliding soft walls, which can be mounted to existing ceiling structure. Other key design features include a flexible bottom sweep to minimize energy loss and help maintain desired conditions, and galvanized drop pins and floor sockets for stability in high winds if needed.