ROPAK(TM) 4048

Dec. 8, 2004
GEORGETOWN, KY - The ROPAK(TM) 4048 reusable, collapsible container from LINPAC Materials Handling now features non-sequential folding sidewalls, offering

GEORGETOWN, KY - The ROPAK(TM) 4048 reusable, collapsible container from LINPAC Materials Handling now features non-sequential folding sidewalls, offering users more convenience, as well as improved materials handling efficiency. When empty, the containers collapse to a fraction of their height for compact storage and shipping. Because the sidewalls now do not have to be collapsed in a specific order, users no longer have to travel around the container in a pre-determined sequence, saving time and increasing productivity.

The 4048 also features side drop doors with articulating hinges, allowing the open door to lie flat against the side of the container. This provides tighter, safer storage and increased application versatility. Additionally, doors that open on opposing or adjacent sides of the container are available.

The 4048 container series, which features load capacities of up to 2,000 lbs., is designed on a standard footprint of 40" x 48". Seven different heights are available: 25", 29", 34", 39", 42", 47", and 50". A dunnage model, also with 42" high sidewalls, features a special design that accommodates storage of up to 3" of dunnage. All 4048 containers are made of tough, durable high-density polyethylene (HDPE) to easily withstand the abuse of multiple return trips while providing superior product protection when compared to other forms of packaging, such as corrugated cardboard.

4048 containers can be stacked up to 6-high-no racking needed-for better utilization of floor space. Other design features include more labeling and product identification options, a solid base, and a replaceable fork strap for economical maintenance and lower cost of ownership. Custom colors, ventilated base, lids, ID plates and other options and accessories are also available to help users streamline and organize their distribution process.

The 4048 container is RFID-ready and, as with all LINPAC Materials Handling products, its workmanship and materials are guaranteed with a three-year warranty. The 4048 container may also be recycled at the end of its useful life. LINPAC Materials Handling also offers a variety of logistics solutions to help customers better manage their handling and transportation needs.

LINPAC Materials Handling manufacturers ROPAK(TM) reusable bulk containers and totes. These products are used in warehousing, manufacturing, transportation, distribution and merchandising to replace single trip paper, cardboard and metal packaging. Made of premium grade high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and copolymer polypropylene (CPP) for durability, LINPAC containers and totes are available in a wide variety of configurations and weight capacities.

LINPAC Materials Handling products serve in a variety of industries, including automotive, plastics, chemicals, textiles, industrial equipment, beverage, fresh produce, meat, poultry and retail grocery. A full range of design, implementation, financial and support services is available.

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