AIM Embarks on Campaign to Accelerate AIDC Technologies

July 28, 2009
WARRENDALE, Pa.—AIM Global and AIM North America have reorganized as part of the new “Real Opportunities Today…Leadership for Tomorrow,” campaign, described as a “focused push” for growth and adoption of automatic identification technology solutions.

Historically, the North America chapter and the parent organization, AIM Global, have offered separate programs and services. Now, AIM Global and AIM North America will offer collaborative membership activities.

"We believe many companies within the autoID industry want to be part of the collective voice and influence provided by participation in AIM, and the restructuring will allow more companies to enter at price points designed for their budgets," explains Chuck Evanhoe, AIM North America board chairman.

Membership dues are now tailored to organizations of all types and sizes. Organizations interested in AIM membership can now choose a category based on their company type and pay dues in proportion to their gross sales revenues in AIM-related markets. Categories include: manufacturer, channel (resellers, systems integrators, and consultants), independent software vendors, distributors and associates (K-12 and universities, nonprofits, government and end users).

"Now more than ever, we are continually reminded that automatic identification provides real value for enterprises as they identify business process improvements that impact the bottom line," says Dan Mullen, AIM's president. "The AIM organization is an inclusive community of companies with a vested interest in barcode, RFID, RTLS and enterprise mobile computing. This campaign, and the changes it entails, expands membership opportunities to small and large organizations with an interest in these technology solutions."

For more information about AIM membership, visit the AIM Web site.