Standard Designs for Korrvu Packaging

April 19, 2006
Ready-to-use Korrvu pack designs provide customers with short lead-time for delivery and eliminate set-up fees, equipment and tooling. Standard packs

Ready-to-use Korrvu® pack designs provide customers with short lead-time for delivery and eliminate set-up fees, equipment and tooling. Standard packs use a resilient film to conform to a variety of shapes, providing a “one-size-fits-many” packaging solution.

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Sealed Air Introduces Standard-Design Korrvu® Packaging

Danbury, Conn. (April 19, 2006) – Sealed Air Corporation, known for its packaging innovations, announces the Korrvu® Standard Packaging Program. Korrvu® packaging now is available in eight standard designs including six retention packs and two suspension packs.

“The introduction of the standard-design packaging program is a great addition to the custom designed Korrvu® packaging offering,” stated Gerry Stone, director of marketing for Korrvu® packaging at Sealed Air Corporation. “The standard-design program allows even more companies to enjoy the benefits of Korrvu® packaging with the ease of pre-engineered and ready-to-use packs.”

Ready-to-use Korrvu® pack designs provide customers with short lead-time for delivery and eliminate set-up fees, equipment and tooling. Created with customers in mind, the Korrvu® standard packs use a resilient film to conform to a variety of shapes, providing a “one-size-fits-many” packaging solution. In addition, the packaging stores flat to reduce storage requirements.

Used to pack lower profile items, Korrvu® retention packaging uses a proprietary retention frame and elastomeric film to hold the items securely in place during shipment. When the side flaps of the corrugated retention frame are folded up, the resilient film is loosened, creating an insertion pocket. The item is placed in the pocket between the film and corrugated retention frame. When the flaps are folded down, the film, which is attached to the corrugated frame, stretches over the product and holds it securely in place. The item, held safely in the Korrvu® retention standard-design packaging, is then placed in a corrugated shipping box.

Korrvu® suspension packaging is designed for larger pieces with more height. The suspension packs hold the fragile item between two membranes of elastomeric Korrvu® film to keep the item securely in the airspace of the shipping container and away from the sides of the box. At the packaging station, a suspension frame is placed in the bottom of the box and the item is centered on the film membrane. The top frame is placed over the product and pushed down, stretching the film around the item, completely suspending it in the center of the pack. Closing the box holds the frames in position to protect the product during shipment.

There are six Korrvu® retention standard design packs available ranging in size to accommodate customers’ needs. The smallest retention standard-design package, Standard 1, is ideal for cameras, cell phones, handheld computers, hard drives, meters and gauges, and small circuit boards; and measures 7 1/2-inches long by 5 1/2-inches wide by 2-inches high. The Standard 2 retention pack measures 11-inches long by 8-inches wide by 2-inches high, and can be used to package awards, books, circuit boards, cables, plaques and video tapes. Mother boards, CD-ROM drives,
computer peripherals, hand-held electronics and replacement parts can be packaged with the Standard 3 retention pack, measuring 14-inches long by 12-inches wide by 2 3/4-inches high. Ideal for use in packaging spare parts, electronic assemblies, power supplies and hand-held electronics, the Standard 5retention pack measures 12-inches long by 10-inches wide by 5-inches high.

The Standard 7 and Standard 8 retention standard packages fit inside most medium and large standard cartons available through most mail carriers. The Standard 7 retention pack, measuring 11 1/2-inches by 2 1/3-inches by 13 1/4 inches, allows customers to easily package electronics, circuit boards, framed photos and books in the medium-sized standard mail carton. Items including large circuit boards, gifts, award plaques, books and electronics can be packaged using the Standard 8 retention package, measuring 12 1/2-inches by 3-inches by 17 1/2-inches, which fits inside the largesizedstandard mail carton.

Korrvu® suspension packaging is available in two standard sizes. Standard 4 is designed to package laptop computers, measuring 17-inches long by 17-inches wide by 8-inches high, while Standard 6, measuring 12-inches long by 10-inches wide by 5-inches high, is ideal for packaging digital cameras, consumer electronics, optics, glass and ceramics.

All Korrvu® retention and suspension packaging is curbside recyclable and contains more than 30 percent recovered paper, making it easy for customers to be environmentally responsible. Companies are assured its Korrvu® packaging design meets even the strictest international recycling regulations, because Germany’s RESY-approved symbol is displayed on the frame of every package.

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