Integrated Software Tools Introduce Real-Time Inventory Optimization

Oct. 1, 2003
CHICAGO - September 16, 2003 - Savi Technology, a leading provider of real-time solutions for asset management and supply chain security, has expanded

CHICAGO - September 16, 2003 - Savi Technology, a leading provider of real-time solutions for asset management and supply chain security, has expanded and enhanced the functionality of its Asset Management System (AMS) software by integrating unique inventory optimization tools from GAINSystems, which has provided sophisticated optimization solutions for more than 400 major companies since 1971.

Today's announcement was made during Frontline's International Supply Chain Week Conference and Expo, and the Auto-ID Center's inaugural EPC(tm) (Electronic Product Code) Executive Symposium EPC Expo, which are co-locating here at The McCormick Place.

Through licensing and reseller agreements, both companies have co-developed and are jointly marketing an extension to the Savi AMS application designed to optimize dynamically the inventory and utilization of supply chain assets through the integration of real-time data captured by automatic identification technologies. Savi and GAINSystems expect the greatest value of their Savi AMS-GAINS solution will be realized by asset-intensive companies, with large and complex supply chains, in industries such as Consumer Products Goods, Aerospace, Oil and Gas, Electronics, Healthcare, Freight Transportation, Distribution and Manufacturing Repair Operations (MRO).

For 30 years, GAINSystems has been providing optimization solutions in a wide variety of industries. Companies whose bottom line has benefited from GAINS include Motorola, - Raytheon Aerospace, Abbott Labs, Mitsubishi, Pittsburg Plate Glass (PPG) and National Manufacturing. By analyzing the total cost associated with error and variability, over lead time, GAINSystems customers have dramatically reduced operating expenses, buffer stocks, total inventory investment, and order fulfillment lead times while simultaneously increasing operational productivity, customer service levels, and corporate profits.

Savi Technology has 14 years of experience designing and developing active RFID systems, including smart tags, readers and anti-intrusion sensor seals, linked with its powerful SmartChain® software platform and robust applications, including AMS and Transportation Security System. Savi helped build the U.S. Department of Defense's Total Asset Visibility (TAV) network, the largest wireless cargo tracking system in the world, and is a key solution provider for Smart and Secure Tradelanes, an industry-driven initiative to improve the security and productivity of container transportation throughout the world's ports.

Savi's and GAINSystems combined solution provides visibility, management, and measurement of supply chain assets throughout their entire life cycle as well as elegant analytical tools based on intricate mathematical calculations to optimize inventory. The powerful combination provides customers with a wide range of new benefits, including more accurate planning and scheduling, financial analysis, and reduced supply chain errors and variability, all of which improve profits and service.

"Through our partnership with GAINSystems, Savi's existing and future customers will have an extensive toolkit to improve profits and service through better control and optimization of their assets and inventory," said Chris Stephenson, Savi's Senior Vice President of Global Consulting Services and Manufacturing. "This is a new kind of killer app. There is no other software for supply chain assets and inventory that combines real-time visibility with such a comprehensive set of management optimization and analytical capabilities."

"We're confident that the combination of Savi's and GAINSystem's time-tested solutions will have a profit multiplier effect for our customers. - providing a new generation of benefits, not achievable by previous technologies." said William Stillman, Executive Vice President of GAINSystems. "

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