BlueStar to Carry On-Metal RFID Tags and Labels

Nov. 1, 2008
TAMPERE, FinlandBlueStar, a distributor of auto ID products, is now carrying Confidex UHF Gen2 RFID hard tags and specialty labels for asset tracking.

TAMPERE, Finland—BlueStar, a distributor of auto ID products, is now carrying Confidex UHF Gen2 RFID hard tags and specialty labels for asset tracking.

The Confidex product line of hard tags includes:

  • Confidex Ironside, a UHF Gen2 on-metal tag, has passed the testing requirements for the aerospace standard AS5678 specification and has been successfully used in tracking assets from steel pallets to train wagons.
  • Confidex Survivor, a UHF Gen2 on-metal tag, is designed to serve the surveillance needs for the transportation of foods as well as tracking large valuable items and vehicles, including construction parts and steel pipes, and trucks in the petrochemical industry.
  • Confidex Steelwave, a UHF on-metal tag, is designed for indoor tracking and asset management solutions where small size with the best achievable performance of passive UHF RFID technology can be realized.
  • Confidex Steelwave Micro, a passive UHF on-metal tag, is a compliment to the Confidex Steelwave that lets companies improve their investment in and inventory management of IT assets.
  • Confidex Halo, a passive UHF Gen2 on-metal tag, can be attached by adhesive or magnetic tape, and also with cable ties through its mounting holes, which makes it suitable for tracking IT assets such as blade servers and network routers.

The Steelwave Micro, Confidex’s most recent tag addition, delivers the on-metal performance required by most server, laptop, and PC tracking applications. “BlueStar is delighted to add the Confidex product to our industry-leading line of RFID tags and labels. With Confidex Steelwave Micro, BlueStar VARs now have a tested and proven on-metal RFID tag that enables the accurate tracking of all valuable IT assets throughout their lifecycles regardless of where the devices are located,” says Dan Miller, BlueStar’s RFID program manager.

Completing the family of Confidex RFID products are:

  • Confidex Carrier, a UHF EPC Class1 Gen2 label, is a special label designed to effectively and reliably adhere to plastic surfaces such as returnable plastic containers.
  • Confidex Casey, EPC Class1 Gen2 label, is designed to be used as a general label especially in places where materials with high dielectric constant need to be in close proximity to the label. Typical applications include retail items such as plastic or corrugated=cardboard boxes, where the content varies from fruits, vegetables, and other groceries, to liquid bottles or utilities.
  • Confidex Corona and Confidex Cruiser, passive UHF Gen2 labels, are specifically targeted at providing discrete visibility of high-value, work-in-process items in demanding automotive manufacturing environments.
  • Confidex Pino, an EPC Gen2 label, enables users to economically track wooden pallets, one of the most common transit items used throughout the world.