SageGroup Strategies and Nimbus Enterprises Announce Alliance

March 1, 2003
Irvine, CA and Alameda, CA -- March 20, 2003 -- SageGroup Strategies and Nimbus Enterprises announce that the two international firms have formed a strategic

Irvine, CA and Alameda, CA -- March 20, 2003 -- SageGroup Strategies and Nimbus Enterprises announce that the two international firms have formed a strategic alliance in global sourcing. Nimbus is experienced in international sourcing throughout the world, with a special current focus on China and elsewhere in Asia. SageGroup is the largest Professional Troubled-Company Specialist firm in the USA and the world, often with clients needing international sourcing arrangements or improvements thereof.

The SageGroup/Nimbus strategic alliance has four main priorities:
A) helping North American companies become more profitable by cutting costs throughout the supply chain and setting up global sourcing operations;
B) helping Chinese companies increase sales in the USA;
C) helping North American companies establish themselves in China and elsewhere in Asia by setting up representative offices {sales, quality assurance, customer service, sourcing, etc.}, locating sites for manufacturing operations, conducting marketing studies, and various other services;
D) helping Chinese companies establish themselves in North America by setting up representative offices, conducting marketing studies, creating marketing plans, and various other services.

In relation to China and China-related companies, the SageGroup/ Nimbus strategic alliance will work very closely with the Beijing International Business Consultant & Service Center (BIBCS). BIBCS and SageGroup Strategies already work closely together under a broad-scope international agreement signed in Beijing and the USA earlier this year. SageGroup's Beijing Office is located at BIBCS's Beijing headquarters office.

BIBCS is an important, well-established, well-connected China entity. Under the Chinese governmental structure, BIBCS is an important part of a huge system that reaches into every part of China and is very important and influential throughout the country. BIBCS itself is directly part of the Beijing Science & Technology Committee, which in turn is directly part of the Science & Technology Committee of China. The Chinese Ministry of Science & Technology is very, very important in China.

SageGroup/Nimbus plans to introduce many companies to BIBCS, especially those who can benefit from BIBCS's strong experienced services in such areas as:
A) being agent for Chinese enterprises to promote their products into international markets, and assisting foreign enterprises to market their products or technologies into China;
B) providing business consultation and other related services to foreign enterprises and investors in market research and joint venture arrangements as well as language translation;
C) assisting foreign enterprises to establish their representative organizations in Beijing;
D) providing various specialists and employees for foreign enterprises' representative offices in Beijing;
and E) providing related and other appropriate services.

In addition, it is expected that BIBCS and SageGroup/Nimbus (coordinated through SageGroup's internationally-focused China Division) will work closely with China-based and USA-based troubled companies, helping them to get out of trouble and growing and developing well, including within both countries where appropriate.

SageGroup/Nimbus will use SageGroup's Beijing Office whenever appropriate. This Office is based at the BIBCS headquarters, No.16 Xizhimen Nan Dajie, Beijing 100035, China, with phone calls directed to Mr. Simon Xu (Xu Dong) at phone number 86-10-66175895. For maximum confidentiality and effectiveness within the USA, all initial SageGroup inquiries are directed to Larry Lindsey, a SGS Managing Director and a SGS China Division Co-Manager, at the SGS National Coordination Office, phone number (510) 865-2480. And, all initial inquiries to Nimbus are directed to Thomas Murray, its president, at phone number (949) 584-7516. To deepen the SageGroup/Nimbus relationship, Mr. Murray has also concurrently joined SageGroup.