Safety Padlock

Dec. 6, 2004
MILWAUKEE - Brady Corporation has introduced two new padlocks designed for use in lockout and other industrial applications. The Brady Safety Padlock

MILWAUKEE - Brady Corporation has introduced two new padlocks designed for use in lockout and other industrial applications.

The Brady Safety Padlock complies with all applicable OSHA lockout requirements. The Safety Padlock features a special six-pin cylinder that resists tampering. It also results in more unique key cuts, reducing the likelihood that one worker's key will open another's

The Safety Padlock lives up to its name. The body is non-conductive and resists sparking, making it a safer alternative than metal locks when used in proximity to electrical equipment. The patented non-conductive key chamber prevents an electrical charge from traveling
from the shackle to the key.

The Safety Padlock is compact and lightweight, and constructed of reinforced nylon for superior chemical, corrosion and temperature
resistance. The body is ribbed for sure gripping by workers, even when they are wearing gloves.

The Brady Steel Padlock is designed for a wide range of heavy-duty industrial applications, including lockout and the securing of
toolboxes, equipment cribs, and parts and materials storage areas. The padlock features a five-pin cylinder, instead of the four-pin
cylinder found in most other locks, making it more tamper-resistant and reducing the chance one worker's key will open another worker's lock. Countersunk rivets and a hardened steel shackle provide added protection, while a paracentric keyway with drill protection makes the lock difficult to pick.

The Steel Padlock is built to withstand heavy use in the toughest industrial applications. It is also resistant to chemicals and
corrosion. With many locks, body plates are coated only after they are laminated together. The body plates on the Steel Padlock are
individually coated prior to lamination for maximum rust prevention. This zinc coating is "self healing." If the lock is scratched, the
coating migrates to seal itself.

A selection of distinctive safety colors, custom keying, charting and imprinting are available for both the Safety Padlock and Steel
Padlock. Brady also offers aluminum and brass padlocks.

Padlocks are one component in a facility's lockout/tagout program. Call 1-888-272-3946 for information on Brady's safety, facility and equipment identification products, or visit

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