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Motorola Rugged Computer

Sept. 15, 2009
The new MC9500 rugged mobile computer from Motorola Inc. is an industrial-class handheld device that includes modular 3.5G WAN for enterprise mobility applications.

According to Motorola, the MC9500 features the first universal accessory system that improves backroom efficiency by optimizing the space needed for mobile computers, charging cradles, power packs and cables. The device’s agnostic cradling feature supports a variety of Motorola mobile computers, allowing users to upgrade devices without replacing or upgrading backroom management infrastructure. In addition, Motorola’s MAX Battery has indicators that display charge level and battery health.

The MC9500 also includes Motorola MAX FlexWAN, a cellular network feature that allows managers to deploy a single pool of mobile computers for users in different geographies. The device also offers swappable keypads for changing applications.

Motorola says the MC9500 is the first mobile computer equipped with modular 3.5G WAN, allowing users to select the 3.5G network that best meets their needs. The MC9500 also features interactive sensor technology (IST), a new technology that can detect and log device drops, automatically put the device in sleep mode and switch between portrait and landscape modes based on device orientation.

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