FleetNet Introduces Lift Truck Maintenance Services

Aug. 18, 2009
FleetNet America Inc., a third-party vendor management company, now offers a lift truck maintenance management program under its TMcare division.

As part of the program, FleetNet will monitor maintenance costs, hours of usage, equipment condition and other factors that can affect performance and notify customers of mechanical issues before repairs are required. Customers access the information over the Internet.

The TMcare division manages and administers commercial equipment maintenance handled through third-party vendors. FleetNet oversees preventive maintenance programs, allowing managers to see “where the money is going,” according to the company. The TMcare program offers consolidated billing, an interface with cost tracking systems and dollar-level thresholds for estimates and approvals.

Staff members audit and edit repair integrity, negotiate PM pricing and lock in hourly fees for sub-PM repairs. The main focus of TMcare, according to FleetNet, is to setup, schedule, validate, and complete PMs and unscheduled repairs. The program captures completed PM forms, OSHA documents and actual copies of vendor invoices.