Rockwell Automation Expands Allen-Bradley POINT I/O Family

July 1, 2004
An expansion by Rockwell Automation of its Allen-Bradley POINT I/O product line provides users with an additional network option, easy linkage to serial
An expansion by Rockwell Automation of its Allen-Bradley POINT I/O product line provides users with an additional network option, easy linkage to serial field devices and the flexibility to expand the maximum number of channels in a system.

“Rockwell Automation continues to lead the industry with new and innovative ways of interfacing field devices to controllers,” said Jerry Penick, distributed I/O marketing manager, Rockwell Automation. “With these new POINT I/O products, users can reap the benefits of Ethernet technology, double their I/O channels per adapter, and add a direct peripheral interface to their RS-485 and RS-422 field devices.”

1734-AENT — The POINT I/O EtherNet/IP adapter is a 100 Mbps twisted-pair module that provides a direct link to the EtherNet/IP network. Based on standard TCP/IP, EtherNet/IP extends commercial off-the-shelf Ethernet with a robust protocol targeted at linking the factory floor to upper-level business systems. This open technology approach offers myriad benefits to automation users: ease of use, simple product and network integration, and multi-vendor interoperability. Additional tools for the 1734-AENT adapter help ease configuration, reduce system installation and hold down future expansion costs. Plus, the adapter uses the same intuitive status indicators and diagnostics as the Logix architecture, which minimizes ongoing maintenance requirements.

1734-IB8, 1734-OB8E and 1734-OW4 — These single-slot 12mm wide modules add even greater digital I/O density to the POINT I/O system. Users can increase the maximum number of I/O channels on a single POINT adapter from 252 to 504 channels, providing a cost-effective solution that allows even greater scalability within the POINT family of distributed I/O. The modules are fully compatible with other POINT I/O modules, making them easy to apply to an existing system. The 1734-IB8 is an 8-channel, 24 VDC input module, and the 1734-OB8E is an 8-channel, 24 VDC protected output module rated for 1 amp per output and 3 amps per module. They feature channel-level diagnostics, short-circuit detection, and wire-off/no power detection/indication, all of which can help reduce troubleshooting time, as well as maintenance and operating costs. The 1734-OW4 is a 4-channel, isolated relay contact output module rated for 2 amps maximum per channel, dc and ac voltages.

1734-485ASC — The RS-485/RS-422 ASCII serial interface is a single-channel module providing a direct interface to RS-485/RS-422 field devices. This new capability allows users to directly connect bar code readers, printers, intelligent sensors and other serial interface devices to an industrial network, significantly expanding users’ product and solution options while taking advantage of open-architecture industrial networks. The 1734-485ASC works with devices up to 4,000 feet away, providing an easy and inexpensive way to interface DeviceNet, ControlNet, EtherNet/IP and other open networks to RS-485 devices in the same way that the popular 1734-232ASC module has done in the past.

All five new POINT I/O family additions are available. For more information, visit