Sept. 6, 2005
ATLANTA - LXE Inc., a leading developer of rugged mobile computing solutions, is pleased to announce the unveiling of its ground-breaking RX1 rugged mobile,

ATLANTA - LXE Inc., a leading developer of rugged mobile computing solutions, is pleased to announce the unveiling of its ground-breaking RX1 rugged mobile, forklift-mounted, RFID reader at EPCglobal U.S. Conference, booth 422, in Atlanta, September 13 - 14.

The RX1 is the result of a collaboration, being led by LXE, that includes Sirit Technologies and its RFID reader module components, and Intel and its IXP4XX line of network processors. The objective of the collaboration is to design and build a forklift mounted RFID reader that is tough enough to survive the continuous shocks and jolts of the forklift yet versatile enough to provide the benefits of RFID to customers beyond shipping and receiving, by RFID-enabling processes deep within the warehouse such as picks, put-aways, and other material moves.

The key to the RX1's versatility is the combination of the intelligent RX1 reader with application specific antennae, synchronized with forklift operations to ensure that the unit reads the right items at the right time. Initially, the RX1 will read and verify case, pallet and location tags for warehouse moves. With an expanding set of future antennae, the RX1 will be able to verify that the correct cases in the correct quantities are being placed on the right pallet during case pick operations. For more specifics, see Gartner Inc.'s preliminary review of the solution at RX1 Review.

"The device virtually removes the operator from the data collection business and eliminates the need for expensive and often redundant quality control processes," says Dick Sorenson, LXE's RFID Director. "The operator is able to focus on moving product - significantly increasing both the speed and accuracy of the move."

"Forklift-mounted readers are far more cost effective for shipping and receiving operations than portal readers," says Peter Fausel, LXE's senior vice president of Sales and Marketing. "Not only do you need far fewer forklift mounted readers to cover a warehouse, but with the RX1, you'll be able to take advantage of the benefits of RFID over a much broader range of applications."

The RX1 has been designed to work with almost any forklift including forklifts without load rests. LXE has patents pending on this ground breaking product. Customers can expect first shipments in January of 2006.

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