Webinar Series on Supply Chain Optimization

Sept. 1, 2003
Increasing Warehouse Throughput with Web-Enabled ASN: How to Provide Your Suppliers with aCost-Free Solution for Producing ASNs, UCC Labels and More Tuesday,

Increasing Warehouse Throughput with Web-Enabled ASN:

How to Provide Your Suppliers with aCost-Free Solution for Producing ASNs, UCC Labels and More

Tuesday, September 23rd 10am CST

Even though the advantages of ASN (advanced shipping notice) receiving are widely known, many suppliers cannot afford the required EDI infrastructure. In this Webcast, you will learn how to enable even your smallest suppliers to create ASNs, UCC labels and packing slips using an on-line Web-accessed hub that connects in real-time to order shipment information. Don't miss this opportunity to dramatically streamline your warehouse receiving process, lower total operating costs, and increase your warehouse throughput and capacity.http://www.catalystinternational.com/content/Knowledge_Center/webreg.asp

Enabling the Adaptive Supply Chain with Real-time Event Management and Alerts:

How to Proactively Address Potential Issues Before They Have an Impact

Wednesday, September 24th 10am CST

All companies want their supply chains to run smoothly without costly mishaps, but the reality is that exceptions and bottlenecks are bound to happen and can greatly hinder productivity and throughput if they are not properly and proactively addressed. Intelligent notification of and response to these events as they occur is critical to building and maintaining competitive advantage. In this Webcast, you will learn how Catalyst's event management and alert system will proactively manage operational, labor-based or system-related events across your supply chain by providing immediate notification by phone, fax, pager or e-mail. These notifications empower you to control and resolve specific events within the extended supply chain before they become problematic. Don't miss this opportunity to transform your supply chain into an adaptive network that meets customers' needs in real time. http://www.catalystinternational.com/content/Knowledge_Center/webreg1.asp

Minimizing Transportation Costs While Maximizing Service:

How to Significantly Improve Carrier Performance for Greater Customer Satisfaction and Profitability

Thursday, September25th 10am CST

Transportation management presents one of the greatest opportunities to increase profitability and gain competitive advantage in your supply chain and indeed your entire value chain. Yet many logistics operations miss this opportunity by using multiple, disparate systems and processes that often results in poor freight visibility, excess inventory and lost sales due to stock-outs. In this Webcast, you will learn how Catalyst's transportation management solution will significantly improve your carrier performance and customer service levels while significantly reducing your transportation costs. Don't miss this opportunity to optimize your supply chain operation's transportation resources by creating and managing the best delivery solutions for each order. http://www.catalystinternational.com/content/Knowledge_Center/webreg2.asp

Improving the Bottom Line with Labor Management:

How to Drive Down Costs and Increase Performance for Higher Productivity

Tuesday, September 30th 10am CST

For most companies, labor comprises a significant portion of distribution costs, and even the smallest improvements in labor productivity can significantly improve the bottom line. The implementation of a labor management system creates a tremendous opportunity to drive down costs and increase throughput and customer service. In this Webcast, you will learn how Catalyst's labor management solution will enable you to identify bottlenecks in the supply chain and closely monitor the productivity of individual workers by establishing time standards, computing estimates and capturing actual times. Don't miss this opportunity to gain better productivity, quality and consistency from your workforce, while improving morale, safety and retention. http://www.catalystinternational.com/content/Knowledge_Center/webreg3.asp