Aug. 9, 2007
SR61ex integrates breakthrough Intermec Intellibeam EX25 auto-focus technology, delivering the first and only near-far area imager in a handheld scanner.

SR61ex integrates breakthrough Intermec Intellibeam EX25 auto-focus technology, delivering the first and only near-far area imager in a handheld scanner.

EVERETT, Wash. - Intermec (NYSE: IN) today announced shipment of the new SR61ex, the first handheld cordless scanner to integrate the company's proprietary Intellibeam(TM) EX25 near-far area imaging technology. With its breakthrough autofocus capabilities, the SR61ex can read any kind of bar code--from near or far--enabling customers to improve warehouse productivity, consolidate devices and reduce total cost of ownership.

An ideal data collection companion for forklift-based warehousing applications, the rugged SR61ex improves productivity by extending the operator's scanning reach and flexibility. Paired with a vehicle-mount computer such as the Intermec CV30 or CV60, the SR61ex can read 1D, 2D, composite and postal codes, in any orientation, from six inches to 50 feet away.

Operators can seamlessly transition from scanning an object in their hands, to scanning a pallet high up on a rack, to capturing an image. Tightly integrated Bluetooth(TM) wireless communication ensures smooth data transmission to the host computer, and with no cables to manage, operator safety and efficiency is also increased.

"Reading the right bar code the first time is tricky when scanning at distances," said Steve Banker, director, Supply Chain Management, ARC Advisory Group. "Depending upon how location tags are laid out in the warehouse, either scan accuracy--which can be a problem in high bay rack layouts--or scan productivity can be improved. With the laser aiming dot and higher fidelity reading capabilities of the SR61ex scanner, distance scanning from the seat of a forklift improves warehouse operations."

The SR61ex joins the EX25-enabled CK31ex mobile computer released by Intermec earlier this year, expanding the opportunities for customers to deploy flexible and accurate scanning technology across their supply chain. Both products enable customers to meet their diverse scanning needs today while providing a ready tool for adapting to future operational changes.

The SR61ex delivers an array of benefits for warehouse operations, including:

· Omni-directional scanning--no arm twisting or package moving needed to get a good read
· Improved reads at low angles--easily captures top-shelf bar codes in narrow aisles
· Reads in low light conditions--auto-illuminating feature scans accurately in dim light
· Easy to use in bright light--on-board scope assists bar code targeting outdoors
· Reads damaged or obscured codes, including bar codes covered in plastic wrap

Built to withstand harsh operating environments such as multiple drops to concrete and hot and cold temperatures, the SR61ex is sealed against dirt and water. The scanner comes equipped with a long-lasting lithium battery that delivers more than 10 hours of use and is easily changed, minimizing downtime.

The SR61ex begins shipping to global customers this month.

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