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OptoShield OS3100 Laser Light Safety Scanner

Sept. 21, 2005
FREMONT, CA Scientific Technologies, Inc. introduces the OptoShield OS3100 Laser Light Safety Scanner - an advanced area laser scanner with the unique

FREMONT, CA – Scientific Technologies, Inc. introduces the OptoShield OS3100 Laser Light Safety Scanner - an advanced area laser scanner with the unique ability to adapt to both dynamic and irregular hazardous environments. Designed and manufactured in the USA, OptoShield introduces significant advancements over similar types of sensors with advanced diagnostic communications and superior interface options. OptoShield also features two detection zone sets that can be externally selected to monitor changing hazardous areas, without the need for additional external controls.

OptoShield provides diagnostic communications never before available in safety scanners. These includes a two-digit numeric display, four standard LED status indicators and patented Intrusion Indicators that identify where the safety zone is encroached without the need for difficult diagnostic searches and an external computer display. Intuitive configuration software facilitates easy navigation and configuration, allowing OptoShield to be configured to an unlimited number of guarding arrangements.

Interface innovations include EDM/MPCE monitoring for control reliability so that OptoShield is safely integrated into the control panel of the hazardous machinery. The outputs of the OptoShield handle 625 mA to activate the larger widely used safety relays.

OptoShield is an excellent choice for safeguarding hazardous work cells, transfer lines, robot stations, internal press guarding, irregular shaped or changing areas and automated guided vehicles.Machine Safeguarding Guide includes Free CD-ROM Version
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About STI
Scientific Technologies, Inc. (STI) is a North American leading provider of automation safeguarding products and services through its Safety Products Group. STI’s Optical Sensor Division (OSD) provides safety products that are used to protect workers around machinery, automated equipment and industrial robots. Our products serve a wide variety of applications and markets, including semiconductor, automotive, electronics manufacturing, packaging and consumer markets. STI’s Machine Services Division (MSD) provides safety services such as: safeguarding equipment installations, machine safety assessments, and the design and custom fabrication of guarding solutions. MSD specializes in machinery services including the repair, relocation, installation and service of fabricating machinery. MSD serves customers in a variety of industries, including metal fabrication, aerospace, electronics, building materials, automotive and food processing.

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