Instapak Quick Warmer

Oct. 8, 2004
DANBURY, Conn. The larger Instapak Quick Warmer from Sealed Air Corporation enables users to increase their packaging productivity because it holds 31

DANBURY, Conn. – The larger Instapak Quick® Warmer from Sealed Air Corporation enables users to increase their packaging productivity because it holds 31 bags – twice as many bags as the smaller version of the Instapak Quick® Warmer. Now medium to large volume shippers, packaging more than 15 cartons-per-day, have a Quick™ Warmer designed for their particular needs.

The footprint of the warmer, 26 ½ inches long by 8 ¼ inches wide, allows the system to be placed on a small table or at a mail station, without taking valuable operating space. Using Instapak Quick® foam and Instapak® Quick Tuff™ foam packaging with the Quick™ Warmer produces just-in-time protective packaging material for multiple cartons while reducing storage space and material handling.

Instapak Quick® foam packaging consists of bags containing two liquid components. Component “A” and component “B” mix to form Instapak® foam packaging. The bags are stored in the warmer until they are needed for packaging. To create custom foam cushions, an Instapak Quick® bag is removed from the warmer and the components are activated by manually pressing on the side marked “A” to break the seal that separates the two components. After patting side “A” and side “B” three times each, the proper mix is achieved. As the foam begins expanding within the bag, the bag is placed into a carton where it forms a custom-fit protective cushion around the product. A User’s Guide is included with the Quick™ Warmer that helps instruct the user on the best practices for utilizing Instapak Quick® foam packaging.

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