SAMSys Launches RFID Consulting Service

May 1, 2003
TORONTO, /CNW/ - SAMSys Technologies Inc. (SMY:TSX-VEN) ("SAMSys"), a world leading provider of radio frequency identification (RFID) hardware solutions,

TORONTO, /CNW/ - SAMSys Technologies Inc. (SMY:TSX-VEN) ("SAMSys"), a world leading provider of radio frequency identification (RFID) hardware solutions, today announced it has launched an RFID consulting service for North American companies wanting to employ RFID technology solutions within their operations. In close collaboration with its value-added resellers (VARs) and strategic alliance partners, SAMSys will provide RFID system design and implementation guidelines and strategies aimed at optimizing functionality and performance of supply chain management (SCM) applications.

"We are witnessing a significant increase in awareness of RFID with many companies needing to better understand the potential benefits harnessed through this technology deployment. While the market is adequately served by companies providing traditional Systems Integration services, we see a remarkable demand to provide RFID-specific expertise," says Cliff Horwitz, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of SAMSys.

"We see consulting services as critical in providing a 'roadmap' to end-users to minimizing the risk for premature technology obsolescence and excessive capital investment, the key concerns with companies considering implementing RFID systems," continued Horwitz.

In support of the growing industry interest in RFID infrastructure, it is necessary for key decision makers to understand the appropriate technology architecture for any given application, and for the future expansion of that installation. Currently, there is a critical shortage of RFID integration knowledge in North America and a comprehensive "delivery mechanism" such as SAMSys' consulting services is essential to the implementation of RFID as a technology of choice.

The fundamental philosophy upon which SAMSys is built is that there is no single RFID technology solution best for all applications. As an RFID consultant, the company will maintain this philosophy and recommend the most appropriate technology solution for any application. The SAMSys engineering staff and operations management team will continue to evolve the aggressive RFID product development plans in addition to its consulting business.

"SAMSys is committed to the proposition that successful implementations require the right combination of technologies, protocols, and products because no one vendor offers all of these for every application," says Tres Wiley, President and Chief Operating Officer of SAMSys "Our consulting service represents an excellent opportunity for SAMSys to bring greater value to the market."

With over nine years of accumulated experience applying RFID technology into real world applications in real world environments, SAMSys' consulting business will focus on the front-end of the implementation process, including:

- Evaluating the suitability of RFID to improve existing business process,

- Recommending the optimal technology (frequency),

- Recommending the optimal tag protocols,

- Assisting in architecting and implementing pilot programs, and

- Facilitating complete technology roll-out.

SAMSys also offers a selection of reader solutions including standard frequency-specific modules, custom-made application specific reader systems, and OEM modules to provide tailored solutions for a wide variety of supply chain management applications. The comprehensive line of RFID readers spans low frequency, high frequency and UHF, supports a very broad range of protocols, and is available in a wide range of form factors, including:

- Packaged and ready to use low power, multi-protocol readers,

- High power, multi-protocol readers for demanding applications,

- Networked reader solutions for complex, multi-reader applications,

- Smart shelves,

- Modules for integration into OEM products,

- RFID reader networking tools for TCP/IP connectivity, and

- Dual frequency readers at 125KHz/13.56MHz and 134KHz/13.56 MHz.

SAMSys Technologies Inc. (SAMSys), founded in 1995, is a leading provider of radio frequency identification (RFID) hardware solutions and RFID integration consulting services designed to evaluate and recommend optimal. Visit SAMSys at: and