NA 2004 Products

Jan. 1, 2004
MULTI-PURPOSE, LARGE TYPE 1 ENCLOSURE Multi-purpose large Type 1 free-standing enclosure is designed for PLC/main control panels, power distribution cabinets


Multi-purpose large Type 1 free-standing enclosure is designed for PLC/main control panels, power distribution cabinets and HVAC applications in clean environments. Mounting options include panel and 19 in. or 23 in. rack angle mounting. The enclosure has reversible doors that have three-point latch and padlocking handles. The removable back cover provides access to equipment and facilitates fan and filter kit installation. The 10-gauge steel base allows for secure lifting and accommodates bolting to the floor. Lifting tabs assist in stabilizing the enclosure during component mounting. The enclosure is available in 11 sizes, ranging from 48 in.x 25 in.x12 in. to 84 in.x 36 in.x 24 in. Hoffman,, 800-355-3560. Booth 2804


The AkroBin is intended for large parts, assemblies and finished goods and can be securely stacked on shelving, racks, floors or dollies. The bin features large ergonomic handles and a curved-bottom hopper front for convenient access to parts. Other features include reinforced side ribs and an anti-slide stop to prevent spills when the bin is loaded and stacked. Sizes include: 20 in. L x 12-3/8 in. W x 6 in. H; 20 in. x 12-3/8 in. x 8 in.; 20 in. x 12-3/8 in. x 12 in.; 20 in. x 18-3/8 in. x 12 in.; and 29-1/4 in. x 18-3/8 in. x 12 in. Akro-Mils,, 800-253-2467. Booth 1602


The 1700 Universal Roller Series is equipped with nylon housing and commercial grade ball bearings to reduce noise in gravity conveyor operations and to help meet OSHA noise standards. The rollers are available in 1.90 in., 2.50 in., 3.15 in. and 3.50 in. and feature hexagonal and round shafts available in fixed, spring-loaded, threaded or tapped end mounting. The tubes are manufactured in a variety of materials, including steel, stainless steel and PVC. Interroll,, 800-830-9680. Booth #2234


The CK30 rugged handheld computer features an 802.11b/g radio for data rates of up to 54 Mbps and integrated Bluetooth technology for wireless printing. The computer is based on the Microsoft Windows CE operating system. It provides 802.1x security and is 802.11i ready. In addition, through deployment on the Microsoft .NET Compact Framework, the CK30 allows users to share applications across devices. The device offers new linear imagers that deliver scanning capabilities for arm's length scanning applications. An area imager option also supports 2D symbologies, and users can attach tethered scanners. Intermec Technologies Corporation,, 800-347-2636. Booth 2222


RFIDware is an Electronic Product Code (EPC)-compliant, bolt-on RFID solution to enable product suppliers and 3PLs with an existing WMS, ERP or host system to become RFID-compliant. According to the manufacturer, the kit fully meets all the requirements set forth by Wal-Mart to begin shipping RFID-compliant pallets and cases by the January 2005 deadline. Provia Software,, 616-974-8689. Booth 1743


Pivot arm sorter offers positive, medium rate carton sorting with throughput rates of between 30 and 74 cartons per minute. The pivoting arm diverter and integral vertical belt drive offer a variety of divert configurations. It can be configured as single side or bi-directional sorter and can be integrated into belt or roller conveyor applications or retrofit to existing systems. The sorter can be activated manually or by photo eye or PLC . Siemens Dematic,, 616-913-7287. Booth 2200


Self-guided vehicle delivers parts from the dock or warehouse to lineside storage equipment provided by SailRail Automated Systems, which feed parts to the assembly line while minimizing required space. The flexibility allows easy reconfiguration of the system. User-friendly software defines the road system. In addition, laser guidance eliminates the need to made changes to the plant, and the laser bumpers have programmable safety zones. FMC Technologies,, 215-822-4300. Booth 2317


The HK3000 Rotating Fork Storage and Retrieval Machine is compatible with nearly every conventional warehouse design. The system is intended to provide highly economical automation for new facilities, and can also retrofit existing manual warehouses with automation. HK Systems,, 800-HKSYSTEMS. Booth 2505


The nestable FlapNest 2115 container has an attached, leak-resistant lid to eliminate contamination of the contents. The container has a 5-to-1 nesting ratio, increasing its quantity per 53 ft. T/L to 6,000 units. It features all-plastic hinges and can be secured with strapping, tie wraps and snap-in clips. The ergonomics include a deeper contoured handle with greater access when nested. The container is available in heights of 9 in. and 12 in. with optional features such as solid and open bottoms. IPL Products,, 800-818-1318. Booth 1033


The modular Series 8000 Workstation System is ergonomically designed and can be configured in a variety of heights and lengths. It is available in five standard industry widths and in three different heights up to 84 in. Components above, below and including the worksurface can be positioned exactly. Worksurfaces are available in standard laminate or static dissipative. The workstations are also available on casters to create mobile workstations or parts carts. Lista International Corporation,, 800-722-3020. Booth 2706


Modular pick light system provides part pulling/stocking and complete inventory control communication. The system can be incorporated into new rack designs or to upgrade existing units, and is intended for assembly applications with hard-to-differentiate components, critical or safety-related parts and high-cost items. Creform Corporation,, 800-839-8823. Booth 2808


The GX-1200 fixed-mount rugged computer is designed for the warehousing, manufacturing, and time and attendance marketplaces. It has custom integrated dual-diversity antennas for RF coverage and can withstand the vibration of a lift truck installation. Other features include: a Mini-PCI module for 802.11 A, B, and G radios; 512 MB DRAM options; a slim profile enclosure with a 12.1 in. flat-panel LCD; an optional integrated Bluetooth module for scanner and printer communication; internal 45-minute UPS back-up; and rotating and solid-state drive options. The GX-1200 operates on Windows 2000, XP, XP-Embedded, and Linux. Glacier Computer,, 603-882-1560. Booth 2040