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Rugged Mobile Computer - MC70

Jan. 12, 2006
Symbol Technologies, Inc. (Holtsville, N.Y.) introduced the MC70 rugged mobile computer, which offers multi-mode communication via cellular, Wi-Fi and
Symbol Technologies, Inc. (Holtsville, N.Y.) introduced the MC70 rugged mobile computer, which offers multi-mode communication via cellular, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth networks. Symbol designed the lightweight, ergonomic "enterprise digital assistant" to take the punishment of everyday use, including exposure to water and dust, and repeated four-foot drops to concrete. Based on Intel's XScale processor and running the Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 operating system, the MC70 can communicate worldwide over GSM wireless networks, connect to an organization's wireless area network (WAN) or connect to a personal area network (PAN) via Bluetooth. Full Release: HOLTSVILLE, N.Y., Symbol Technologies, Inc. introduced the MC70 mobile computer, the first rugged Enterprise Digital Assistant (EDA) offering multi-mode communications, including cellular voice/data communications, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth to enable real-time access to people, information and critical business applications. The new flagship MC70 rugged handheld mobile computer joins the durable MC50 as the second device in Symbol’s line of EDAs to offer increased productivity with investment protection and a low total cost of ownership. Targeted to the growing mobile enterprise market, the MC70 EDA combines a rugged mobile computer and imager or laser data capture technologies with wide area connectivity for voice and data into one centrally managed rugged device to capture, move and manage information at the point of business activity. The new rugged MC70 EDA is lightweight, ergonomic and designed to withstand the rigors of everyday use in a variety of environments, including frequent four-foot drops to concrete and exposure to water and dust. The MC70 EDA is intended for use both indoors and outdoors and across a variety of industries including field service, field sales, transportation and logistics, manufacturing, healthcare, government and retail, allowing users to perform applications such as asset management, parcel delivery, direct store delivery, medication administration, fleet management and mobile point-of-sale. “Our decision to deploy the MC70 EDA throughout our organization was based on our confidence in Symbol products and Symbol’s ability to provide complete enterprise mobility solutions that help us with our fleet management and parcel and cargo handling applications,” said Johan Ronaes, chief technology officer and chief information officer, Norway Post. “With its rugged design and multi-mode communication capabilities, the MC70 EDA will help to maximize productivity among our 20,000 employees.”
With support for high speed EDGE networks based on the GSM standard for wireless and Symbol’s relationships with Cingular Wireless and other wireless carriers, the MC70 EDA is capable of delivering global coverage with voice and fast wireless data speeds that enable rich applications and enterprise-level security. The MC70 EDA can also easily connect to an organization’s wireless LAN (WLAN) via 802.11a/b/g for converged voice and data communications, providing better control over wireless WAN usage and costs. And with wireless PAN functionality, via Bluetooth, customers can connect cordlessly to a variety of accessories to further increase employee productivity. Continuing Symbol’s commitment to deliver products that incorporate industry standards, the MC70 EDA mobile computer is based on the latest powerful Intel® XScale™ processor and the Microsoft® Windows® Mobile 5.0 operating system to provide improved memory management, security and push email capabilities for access to people and information on the go. “Symbol’s MC70 EDA reflects our commitment to responding to the stringent needs of our enterprise customers for rugged, full-featured mobile computing solutions,” said Bob Chen, vice president and general manager of mobile computing, Symbol Technologies. “Symbol’s history and expertise in delivering rugged mobile computers to the world’s leading companies has uniquely positioned us to deliver similar capabilities in a smaller form factor to meet enterprise demands.” Mobile Device Management and Services The ability to securely control and manage mobile devices on the corporate network is a major concern for IT managers and executive decision makers. Symbol directly addresses these concerns by providing the ability to manage the MC70 EDA via Symbol’s Mobility Services Platform (MSP). MSP is an integrated solution that provides unified enterprise-wide management of mobile devices and wireless network infrastructure. By establishing a secure enterprise mobility management architecture, like MSP, organizations can accelerate the rollout and deployment of mobile devices, such as the MC70 EDA, across the enterprise, remotely monitor the health and performance of the devices and expedite the resolution of user and device problems. Symbol's Global Services Division offers a full complement of services designed to help customers derive full value from their investment in Symbol’s technology. Services developed to meet the specific needs of the MC70 EDA include Service Center Support and Service from the Start, which provides a three-day turnaround time for product repair, defined telephone technical support and comprehensive coverage — covering not only normal wear and tear, but also repairs to displays, plastics and other components damaged during extreme usage. About Symbol Technologies More information is available at