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June 3, 2005
PHILADELPHIA -- A new all-purpose labeling software program that supports the full range of labeling requirements and applications, including basic bar-coded

PHILADELPHIA -- A new all-purpose labeling software program that supports the full range of labeling requirements and applications, including basic bar-coded label design, thermal transfer label printing and RFID compliance labeling in network or standalone modes, is now available from Avery Dennison Printer Systems. The product, called the AVERY DENNISON Label Management System (LMS), is a Windows-compliant, Wizard-driven program that supports most popular linear and 2-D bar codes, as well as RFID label formats. It is available in three versions to accommodate different labeling environments and user requirements.

"AVERY DENNISON LMS has broad applicability across many industries and labeling environments, but it has particular appeal for users with outdated or orphaned label software programs," says Dan Williams, marketing manager, Avery Dennison Printer Systems. "For example, companies with existing programs that do not support the formatting and production of RFID labels will benefit from the full RFID functionality offered by LMS.

Another potential user group consists of companies with older bar-code labeling programs that no longer have application support. These users will often find it easier to employ AVERY DENNISON LMS to create new label formats instead of attempting to modify label formats created using older programs."

Ease of Use, Multilingual Support
AVERY DENNISON LMS has a user-friendly, intuitive design and requires almost no training or programming knowledge. Wizard-driven data-entry screens and design tools guide users through the label-creation process. A multilingual user interface supports 20 languages, making the program ideal for multinational operations.

In addition to producing most popular bar code and RFID formats, the versatile program is compatible with all major-vendor thermal printers, and with Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT and XP, as well as SAP and AS 400 applications. The program employs security features, including password identification and revision history, to prevent unauthorized users from altering label designs. LMS can also create an audit trail for tracking purposes, benefiting users that maintain a log of labeled containers or items.T

Three LMS Versions for Different Needs
The three AVERY DENNISON LMS versionsLMS Suite, LMS Pro and LMS Expressare designed for different user needs. LMS Suite offers a complete software solution for all types of label design and printing, and features connectivity options that allow users to integrate labeling into network environments. LMS Pro features professional label design and printing capabilities, database support and integration options.. LMS Express provides basic bar-code labeling tools and has a simplified user interface.


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