Electric Chain Hoist

July 22, 2008
SPRINGFIELD, OH R&M Materials Handling, Inc., produces a wide range of material handling products and services. The Loadmate Electric Chain Hoist, with

SPRINGFIELD, OH —R&M Materials Handling, Inc., produces a wide range of material handling products and services. The Loadmate® Electric Chain Hoist, with lifting capacities from 1/8 to 5 tons, is easy to operate and offers increased safety, reduced maintenance, and extended life. The Loadmate® offers a range of options for a variety of applications.

Three standard mounting configurations are available: fixed top hook, push trolley, and motorized trolley. Standard lifting heights come with 10, 15, and 20 feet of lift, with additional lifting heights available up to 150 feet for single fall and 75 feet for double fall. The Loadmate® is also equipped to lift materials at speeds from 8 to 32 FPM single-speed, 12/3 to 64/6 FPM two-speed, and 1-16 to 4-64 FPM variable speed inverter.

The Loadmate® features a compact design, precision gearing, and easy mounting in order to increase the ease of operation of the hoist. The premium-grade, precision gearing contributes to the hoist’s compact, low headroom design, low noise level, and smooth operation.

R&M Materials Handling tests each Loadmate® Electric Chain Hoist with a minimum of 125% rated load prior to shipping in order to ensure safety. All models of the Loadmate® are equipped with a torque-limiting device for hoist overload protection. The electro-magnetic disc brake-clutch combination is designed for efficiency, safety, easy access, and adjustment. Upper and lower limit switches, low voltage control, and an alloy steel hook also add to the safety of the Loadmate®.

Reduced maintenance and extended life are benefits that are paramount to the design of the Loadmate®. An integral hoist control panel encloses all electrical components, such as hoist contactors, transformer, and terminal strips, and is easily accessed for ease of maintenance. The Loadmate® is designed to run cool and maximize the life of the gears, brakes, and motors. Longer component life means less maintenance, decreased downtime, and lower repair costs.

The Loadmate® is also available with various options—allowing customization for specific application requirements. A swiveling motor driven trolley option allows for shorter curve radius tolerance on custom monorail applications. Lifting capacities, heights, and speeds can also be customized. Other options for the Loadmate® include: inclement weather protection, special configurations, variable frequency drives, and food grade hoist features.

For more information on the Loadmate® Electric Chain Hoist, or to obtain more information on all the ways R&M Materials Handling, Inc., can benefit your material handling challenges, contact R&M Materials Handling, Inc., 4501 Gateway Boulevard, Springfield, OH, 45502. You may also visit www.rmhoist.com or call 1-800-955-9967.