Provia Introduces RFID Compliance Kit

Sept. 1, 2003
Grand Rapids, Michigan and ChicagoProvia Software, a leading provider of supply chain execution software solutions, announced the availability of RFIDware,

Grand Rapids, Michigan and Chicago–Provia Software, a leading provider of supply chain execution software solutions, announced the availability of RFIDware, a new product solution for Wal-Mart suppliers and others needing to comply with the retail giant’s January 2005 deadline for RFID compliance. The product announcement was made today at a noon press conference at Frontline Supply Chain Week in Chicago.

RFIDware is Provia’s stand-alone RFID kit, which will enable product suppliers and 3PLs with an existing WMS, ERP or host system to become RFID compliant. Available for general release later this year, Provia’s RFIDware is an EPC standards compliant solution for companies that need to ship RFID compliant product to vendors requiring RFID tracking of inbound pallets and cases.

According to Steve Banker, Service Director for Supply Chain Management at ARC Advisory Group, "Wal-Mart has put their large suppliers in a bind. They know they must comply but many do not see any savings accruing to themselves. Consumer Goods manufacturers and other Wal-Mart suppliers are looking for a low cost path to compliance that does not include implementing an entire WMS solution, costly customization to an existing system, or an upgrade. That is why Provia's solution, which amounts to an add-on module, has merit. Provia is one of the leaders in RFID among SCE suppliers. Their product development is further advanced than most, and they have an advantage in being able to work with a manufacturer who is on the cutting edge in this area."

Throughout the process of designing RFIDware, Provia has drawn upon its heightened degree of RFID knowledge and experience due to its Auto-ID Center membership and partnerships with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and several leading retailers. Provia is currently the only supply chain execution company to offer full RFID support in a tier 1 WMS. Provia’s RFID enabled ViaWare WMS solution offers full RFID compliance and RFID support for standard WMS activities, including receiving, put-away, picking and shipping currently implemented at a major CPG company.

“RFIDware is the answer for companies who know they need to be RFID compliant, but are unsure how to get there,” said Paul Crist, Provia VP of Sales and Marketing. “Any company that ships to Wal-Mart or other leading retailers should look at RFIDware because it easily coexists with your existing WMS, ERP or host system, creating a much lower cost option to achieve compliance in the required time frames.”

How RFIDware Works-Routed orders requiring RFID compliance are sent to the RFIDware station in the distribution center. The appropriate RFID tag and label (often the printed label contains the tag) are applied. Data about the shipment (order information, carton contents, etc.) is associated to the RFID tag and the information is then sent to the end retailer. Once tagged, the product is shipped to the retailer with full RFID compliance.

A member of the Auto-ID Center and with over 500 global installations, Provia’s Supply Chain Execution solutions include RFID-enabled warehousing, transportation, order and yard management products seamlessly integrated together with web-based visibility tools to create a real-time, end to end supply chain execution solution. For more information, visit