Product News

June 1, 2001
A look at new products for the material handling industry.


The PVS800 Portable Video Remote Control System is for use in areas that are unsafe for direct line-of-sight remote control operations. It controls the input from three cameras, displaying images on a color, high-resolution LCD. It includes an integral battery and antenna. Cattron-Theimeg Inc.


The Air 3000 offers four storage and dispensing systems. The Floor Bin Transfer System is for medium-to-small packaging operations. It enables tabletop or inline shipper packing. The air cushions are held in a floor-mounted dispensing bin and carried to the packaging station through an upright transfer stand. The Floor Mount Bulk Dispenser enables quick dispensing through louvered piping that transfers air cushions into a freestanding overhead dispenser. The dispenser provides about 95 cubic feet of cushion storage capacity. The Portable Bulk Cushion Bin with Portable Cushion Loader offers 260 cubic feet of storage space plus 12 access ports. The Suspended Bulk System has an overhead dispenser suspended from the ceiling that transfers cushions to the suspended container. It’s available in 260 and 600 cubic feet of storage capacity. Pactive Corp.


The X-Com is a modular rail-mounted plug connector system that provides “X” number of connection combinations for sturdy, vibration-resistant linkages. It now offers angled female connectors and double terminal blocks. It’s rated for a maximum voltage and current rating of 600 V, 20 A. Wago Corp.


The Pallet Master self-contained mezzanine lift takes little time to install and provides a reliable means of transporting material between levels. Load capacities range from 1,000 to 4,000 pounds. The platform carriage comes in three sizes: 4 by 4 foot, 5 by 5 foot, and 6 by 6 foot. Travel height ranges from 5 to 35 feet. Custom Industrial Products Inc.


Model FTF Tray Former Loader packs flexible pouch products at speeds to 20 trays per minute. It has a random timing infeed that compensates for inconsistent product flow. Servo-controlled accumulation precisely synchronizes pouch loading. Douglas Machine