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Accu-Sort Systems, Inc. Dimensioning System

July 22, 2010
Accu-Sort Systems, Inc. announces the DM3500 Irregular Dimensioning System, certified by the National Type Evaluation Program (NTEP) of the National Conference of Weights and Measures.

This certification verifies the system calculates the dimensions of irregularly shaped packages accurately and automatically as they move on a conveyor through a warehouse or distribution center. According to Accu-Sort Systems, the DM3500 package dimensioning system is certified to dimension items up to 147 inches long.

The Accu-Sort dimensioning system can be useful for companies who need to dimension irregularly-shaped items for optimal truck loading and palletizing cubing. The system can also dimension cuboidal items.

The DM3500 Irregular Dimensioning System includes two or three dimensioners, depending on the width of the belt to be covered (up to 60 inches), plus a controller and Accu-Sort dimensioning software. The dimensioners mount over the conveyor so a break in the conveyor belt is not required. The unit's overhead location also eliminates the potential for damage.

Accu-Sort also has a DM3500 dimensioning system that is NTEP certified for cuboidals only. The AccuVision AV6010 camera bar-code system also offers an NTEP certified option for dimensioning cuboidal-shaped packages.

Accu-Sort Systems, Inc.