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Gravity Hinge Doors Cut Energy Costs

Sept. 2, 2010
Curtron Products’ Polar-Pro Gravity Hinge (GH) flexible swinging door is self-closing and can be installed in minutes, creating a barrier that separates cold storage environments from work areas while enabling personnel and light mechanical traffic to easily pass through.

It is available in both standard and low-temperature PVC, capable of withstanding temperatures as low as 0 degrees and minus 20 degrees, respectively. The Polar-Pro provides unhampered visibility so that workflow remains uninterrupted. All Polar-Pro GH hardware is constructed of high performance, 300 series stainless steel featuring an industry leading, lifetime guarantee against rust and corrosion.

The door fits openings up to 60 inches wide and can pay for itself in a matter of months due to the energy savings it provides, according to the manufacturer.

Curtron Products