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Automation Series

April 20, 2009
Low profile belt conveyors offer rotatable drives that can be rotated to almost any position.

Cincinnati, OH — QC Industries’ new Automation Series low profile belt conveyors offer Pivot rotatable drives that can be quickly and easily rotated to almost any position as application requirements change.

Pivot drives can be positioned to avoid product on the conveyor belt or obstructions caused by integrated machines. When necessary, the drive can be rotated to a new position simply by loosening two set screws, rotating the drive and retightening the screws. A knurled collar locks the drive into the desired position.

When the Pivot drive is rotated below the conveyor, the belt is the highest point on the conveyor, allowing overhanging product to pass easily across the entire length of the conveyor.

A timing belt inside the guard transfers torque from the motor to the conveyor’s drive pulley. The Pivot drive package is compatible with any standard QC Industries AC or DC gearmotor, including compact and quiet brushless DC motors. They are capable of belt speeds up to 400 feet per minute.

Pivot drives are available on any AS40 End Drive conveyor and are compatible with all standard QC Industries side rails and guides and with both flat and v-guided belts.

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