SD7 Joint-Saver

Jan. 2, 2008
(ARCHDALE, NC) A persistent, costly problem that plagues many industrial and retail buildings has a new unique solution: the SD7 Joint-Saver. The Somero

(ARCHDALE, NC) – A persistent, costly problem that plagues many industrial and retail buildings has a new unique solution: the SD7 Joint-Saver.

The Somero Matson Group’s new product for repairing loose concrete floor joints debuts at the World of Concrete show in January with much interest. Test results from installations across North America have demonstrated the impressive, lasting results of the cylindrical aluminum device. Recent media attention, including a cover story in Concrete International, have added to the strong interest.

Loose joints occur when load-transfer is lost, causing slab panels to rock when weight is transferred across the joint. This problem can be hazardous and can slow down production and cause compounding damage to slab joints and material handling equipment.

Tracy Matson, president of the Somero Matson Group, said the patented SD7 Joint-Saver solves a serious problem associated with non-reinforced concrete slabs. “Installation is easy and the benefits are immediate and lasting,” he said. “The payoff is huge when considering improved efficiency, decrease in damage to equipment and product, as well as the lowered risk of injury.”

The SD7 Joint-Saver restores a joint’s integrity, allowing positive load transfer. A vertical hole is cored through the problem joint or crack and the split aluminum cylinder is inserted. The internal mechanism of the cylinder is torqued, pushing the two halves of the cylinder apart. The internal mechanism of the cylinder allows expansion and contraction of the slab to occur through temperature and humidity cycles, maintaining the proper amount of pressure to ensure joint integrity.

The SD7 Joint-Saver has been involved in trial studies in the U.S. and Canada, with impressive, consistent, and lasting results. In February 2005, the device was used at a warehouse in New York, where the owner, upon moving into the facility, experienced loose joints throughout the building. Ten joints were retrofitted with 120 SD7 Joint-Savers. To achieve a baseline for proving results, joint movement was measured with an electronic inclinometer straddling the joint as a heavy forklift passed across it before and after installation of the SD7 Joint-Saver, producing an immediate solution. Today, the SD7 Joint-Savers continue to perform as designed, remaining tight and serving as excellent load transfer devices.

Results at the other nine test locations have been equally impressive and clearly demonstrate the effectiveness of the SD7 Joint-Savers. Brad Helminen, technical sales for the Somero Matson Group, praised their device for its speed of installation and immediate benefits. “It takes as little as 15 minutes to install a single SD7 Joint-Saver, making downtime at a facility minimal and the problem is then solved right there on the spot. Our product can effectively lower the cost of operations, maintenance, and risk of injuries.

The company is currently working to train and certify installers for the SD7 Joint-Saver throughout North America. The Somero Matson Group will demonstrate the SD7 Joint-Saver at their World of Concrete booth: S14811.

Brad Helminen
Somero Matson Group
[email protected]