Manhattan Associates Announces Integrated Warehouse Management and Transportation Management Solution

Sept. 1, 2003
ATLANTA - Manhattan Associates, Inc. (Nasdaq: MANH), a global leader in providing supply chain execution (SCE) solutions, today announced the full integration

ATLANTA - Manhattan Associates™, Inc. (Nasdaq: MANH), a global leader in providing supply chain execution (SCE) solutions, today announced the full integration of its Transportation Management Systems (TMS) and Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) solutions. This integration allows Manhattan Associates to provide its customers with seamless integration between their WMS and TMS solutions, providing them with an end- to-end SCE capability in one fully integrated solution. Generally available last month, Manhattan Associates' integrated solution synchronizes the communication between the WMS and TMS suites to increase collaboration between the warehousing and transportation systems - increasing overall execution efficiency and visibility and enabling new optimization between the two technologies. This integration, which was completed in seven months, marks the culmination of Manhattan Associates' acquisition of on December 31, 2002. Manhattan Associates now provides organizations with the only truly integrated solution that meets warehouse and transportation management needs from sourcing to consumption.

The flexible and fully integrated suite links warehouse and transportation optimization engines seamlessly, allowing customers to determine whether transportation or warehouse workflows will drive the system while at the same time exceptions, changes and updates are dynamically updated in both suites. This integrated environment increases productivity by creating a real-time execution environment that synchronizes warehouse and transportation information while providing one, unified integration point to ERP systems.

"Manhattan Associates is leading the market by delivering solutions that change the way companies approach supply chain execution," said Pervinder Johar, vice president of transportation product development at Manhattan Associates. "Gone are the days of warehouse management activities happening in isolation from transportation management activities. Now the two systems act as one, exchanging information and providing customers with more flexibility to determine how their supply chain processes are executed."

Manhattan Associates' integrated WMS/TMS suite provides unparalleled functionality including:

- Increased inbound capabilities including greater visibility into advanced ship notice (ASN) information and the real-time rationalization of this information based on transportation system updates.

- Additional flexibility to execute supply chain processes based on warehouse or transportation initiated workflows.

- Further advances in exception handling, changes and updates that dynamically inform both the transportation and warehouse optimization engines and adapts workflows appropriately.

- Increased external communication including carrier information that is now shared with the warehouse optimization engine.

Manhattan Associates provides its customers with the full spectrum of SCE solutions including Trading Partner Management (TPM), TMS and WMS application suites. Please visit for more information on Manhattan Associates' solutions and the benefits that companies across the globe are realizing from these solutions.

Manhattan Associates, Inc., is a global leader in providing supply chain execution solutions. We enable operational excellence through our warehousing and distribution, transportation and trading partner management applications. For more information about Manhattan Associates, visit