NR Series

Feb. 20, 2007
GREENVILLE, NC Yale Materials Handling Corporation introduces the new NR narrow aisle lift truck series perfect for warehouse applications. The NR offers

GREENVILLE, NC – Yale Materials Handling Corporation introduces the new NR narrow aisle lift truck series perfect for warehouse applications. The NR offers customers 100% brushless AC-powered motors, choice of two ergonomic operator compartment layouts, and industry leading features like power lowering and regenerative lowering.

The new narrow aisle lift truck series, available in 3,000 to 4,500 pound capacities, combines the latest technology with customer-demanded serviceability and ergonomics to meet the demands of high density warehousing applications. The series includes the NR-DA, NR-EA and NDR-EA models designed for strength, dependability and long wear creating extremely versatile lift trucks equipped with industry-leading features:

· AC-Power – NR series trucks are 100% brushless, powered by an AC drive motor standard. AC motors and controllers offer reduced maintenance through the elimination of motor brushes and the commutator. More efficient than DC motors and controls, AC technology eliminates arching, sparking and brush dust.
· Operator Compartment – Yale is the first to offer customers a choice of a fore/aft or side stance operator compartment on a narrow aisle lift truck. Combined with a large E-Z Ride floor on elastomeric mounts, a wide open compartment and ergonomic handles and controls, the NR series trucks reduce operator fatigue.
· Power/Regenerative Lowering – NR series trucks are equipped with bi-directional pumps that provide fluid to raise and lower. Power lowering increases operator productivity; when lowering without a load, the motor “powers” the load down maximizing lowering speeds. Regenerative lowering increases battery shift life; when lowering with a load, the motor generates power through regenerative braking, putting energy back into the battery.
· Serviceability – The AC powered NR series is designed for ease of servicing and less maintenance. From the use of the heavy-duty brake system that reduces the number of serviceable parts, to numbered wiring for easy trouble-shooting, o-ring face seals to reduce hydraulic leaks, to onboard diagnostics, these trucks were designed with the smallest service details in mind.

“Yale is more than lift trucks and maintenance, we are the total fleet management solution for our customers,” said Don Chance, President, Yale Materials Handling Corporation. “The new NR series provides the ergonomics, performance and serviceability to maximize and continually improve our customers’ materials handling productivity, and is the embodiment of Yale’s dedication to our customers – a top-quality product that exceeds all expectations.”
The new truck also offers a host of options designed to improve productivity in any application. Customers can request a laser line and monitor feature that allows operators to visualize exactly where the forks are positioned in relationship to the load.

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