Mhlnews 541 Pepperlfuchs 150

Pepperl+Fuchs Photoelectric Sensors

July 27, 2009
The Dura-Vue MLV12 series photoelectric sensors from Pepperl+Fuchs provide a sensing range from 50 to 150 mm with a 4-mm light spot that enables the sensors to detect very small targets, regardless of color or shape.

Background evaluation photoelectric sensors establish a light path to a reference background object and back to the sensor. Targets are detected when they pass in front of the sensor and disrupt the light path. Even rounded or curved targets that otherwise may reflect light away from the sensor and targets with poor reflectivity can be detected.

Dura-Vue sensors feature a harsh-duty IP67-rated, metal-framed housing with swivel connector and operate in temperatures as low as -40 °F. The sensor automatically sinks, or sources, its current based on the connected load. A visible red light source allows for precise alignment, while a potentiometer facilitates adjustments to sensing range.