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Sept. 29, 2005
MINNEAPOLIS The new Advance Warrior walk-behind automatic scrubber is designed to boost floor-cleaning productivity, operator convenience and safety in

MINNEAPOLIS –The new Advance Warrior™ walk-behind automatic scrubber is designed to boost floor-cleaning productivity, operator convenience and safety in industrial applications such as warehouses, distribution centers and manufacturing facilities. The new Warrior scrubber is available in a standard ST model and an innovative AXP model that features Advance’s patented AXP™ onboard detergent dispensing system.

“With standard features or available options, both models of the new Advance Warrior scrubber walk-behind automatic scrubber are designed to allow workers to clean floors better in less time,” says Product Manger, Brian Simmons. “The Warrior scrubber is built for rugged, daily use in a wide variety of industrial applications where its large solution/recovery tanks and extended running time will deliver excellent productivity.”

Both the ST model and the AXP model feature a powerful 36-volt battery pack for greater power on ramps and inclines. The Warrior scrubber’s heavy-duty 30-gallon polyethylene solution and recovery tanks permit longer cleaning time between dump and refill operations, leading to greater productivity.

The Warrior scrubber also features simple operation with its One-Touch™ scrubbing controls
that minimize operator training and maximize cleaning performance. With the One-Touch system, a single button on the console selects the right combination of solution flow and downward brush pressure for regular, heavy or extreme cleaning needs..

Pressing the Soft-Touch™ control paddle that is built into the handle bars makes the scrubber go forward. The paddle’s soft rubber eliminates the danger of pinched fingers and provides greater operator comfort during extended cleaning. Pulling back on the paddle makes the scrubber go in reverse, a feature that also prevents the operator from being pinned between the machine and an obstruction.

On both the ST and AXP models, interchangeable scrub decks provide flexibility to change from a disk brushes to a cylindrical brush when cleaning needs change. For operator convenience, the Warrior scrubber has rear solution fill and recovery tank dumping that allows simultaneous dumping and refill for faster turn-around times. A large recovery tank opening allows easier access for more thorough cleaning.

Available options include an onboard battery charger that allows charging of the machine from any convenient outlet, and gel or maintenance-free batteries. The click-off brush option also makes it easy to remove dirty brushes at the end of a cleaning cycle without having to touch them or use tools. The optional AXP automatic detergent dispensing system (standard on the Warrior scrubber AXP model) allows any brand of detergent to be used, including green certified detergents.

“The patented AXP onboard automatic detergent dispensing system meters the correct amount of detergent into the wash water at the brush deck. By simply setting the dilution rate selector, this eliminates the need to pre-mix detergent and water in the solution tank,” says Simmons. “Not only is the AXP system convenient for the machine operator, it allows owners to keep the same detergent program that they currently use.”

Advance brand floor care equipment includes both ride-on and walk-behind sweepers, scrubbers, combination sweeper-scrubbers, and commercial floor-cleaning equipment. For more information about the new Advance Warrior walk-behind scrubber, contact Advance, 14600 - 21st Ave. N., Plymouth, MN 55447. Phone: 800-214-7700. Free Bulletin – Learn which floor-cleaning approach fits your application.

This how-to from Advance outlines the key factors for selecting floor-cleaning equipment to increase productivity and maximize equipment performance. Topics include sweeping vs. scrubbing, equipment selection and maintenance. Learn how to determine which floor-cleaning approach best fits your application.

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