Jan. 1, 2004
LARGE AND DEEP CABINET The HyperSpace cabinet is 22 and 1/2 in. deep. It contains 4 and 1/2 square ft. of surface area per drawer and has 18 in. deep


The HyperSpace cabinet is 22 and 1/2 in. deep. It contains 4 and 1/2 square ft. of surface area per drawer and has 18 in. deep drawers that require only 36 in. of aisle space for full drawer extension. The cabinet drawers permit a load capacity of 440 lbs. and are available in seven different sidewall heights. Flexible drawer compartment interiors can be customized with dividing and partitioning accessories. Other features include drawer handles that are flush with the face of the housing and a one-drawer-at-a-time safety system to prevent tipping. Lista International Corporation,, 800-722-3020. Write 219


The FoamTag label is intended for rough or cast surfaces. The label consists of an .008 in. thick stainless steel, laser markable tag atop a foam adhesive. The tag and adhesive are carried by a release film. The tag is marked by a low power CO2 laser printer. According to the manufacturer, the FoamTag label can survive temperatures up to 400 degrees F and the liquids typical in machining operations. If needed, additional laser markings can be appended after the tag has been affixed. InfoSight Corporation,, 740-642-3600. Write 220


The Model 280 LED Rear Combination lamp is designed especially for material handling vehicles, such as lift trucks. The lamp is a two-point mount rear combination lamp with stop, turn, tail and back-up functions. The lamp plugs directly into the vehicle harness through an integral connector. It has no bulbs to replace and is completely sealed and protected from water, dust and corrosion. J.W. Speaker Corporation,, 800-588-7288. Write 221


The V-900 Lift, designed as a module, has a profile of four in. The lift has a capacity of 6,000 lbs. and 25 in. of travel and can be stacked two or three high. The lift allows a direct one-to-one lift ratio, eliminating the need for mechanical linkage to lift the load. Herkules Equipment,, 800-444-4351. Write 222



Specialty flours producer Tropical Foods Company, Inc., of Clifton, SC, was using a screw conveyor system to transport material (approximately 2,500 lbs. of various ingredients, in powder form, from bags into a mixer). The main difficulties with this method were dust and problems associated with the conveyor motor.

The company installed an automated, closed pneumatic system composed of VAC-U-MAX products, including a Bag-Dump Station, Vacuum Pickup Device, Vacuum Receiver, and Control Panel. Essentially, a pneumatic conveyor system transfers materials (normally dry) from one point in the production line to another.

The turnkey system would be driven by an electric vacuum pump and also included an inline check screen to filter and recover flour powder dust. The primary technology for a pneumatic conveying is vacuum, but positive pressure pneumatic systems and mechanical conveyors are used as applications dictate.

Tropical Foods productivity has increased 80 percent with the new system, and downtime has been virtually nonexistent since the system was installed. According to the food producer, with the push of a button, the flour moves through the entire production system — through filtration, to the machine that weighs it, to the filling station, where it is bagged, and on to the box machine, and then to shipping. VAC-U-MAX ,, 800-822-8629. Write 223


The Modular Managed Switch is designed to facilitate Ethernet set-up. The switch does not requires complex IT programming; the operator plugs in the needed modules and configures the browser-based interface. A head station and two side-by-side expansion modules allow for expansion from two to 24 ports. Front or bottom cable access options provide distributed Ethernet capability in small junction boxes or panels. Simplified point-and-click diagnostics and LED indicators allow ongoing device and network checks. The user can choose twisted pair, glass fiber, polymer or HCS cables for a flexible connection. Additional functions include web-based management and simple network management protocol. Phoenix Contact Inc.,, 800-586-5525. Write 224


The SmartMove Workstation Conveyor has moveable in-line countertops that can be located above the belting. Workers can accumulate parts, perform the assembly operations, and then put the parts back onto the moving conveyor. The conveyor is modular and expandable and features all-plastic belting. It can handle loads up to 350 lbs. at fully adjustable speeds of four to 70 fpm. The variable speed drive consumes 90 watts and operates on 115 VAC. SmartMove Conveyors,, 800-581-2876. Write 225


The FastPic4 inventory management and control software is designed to manage manual and automated storage and retrieval systems, including shelving and rack, pick-to-light, horizontal carousels and vertical storage devices. The system works by flagging locations that are short of SKUs; the system operator can then conduct a cycle count of all flagged locations. When the operator enters the cycle count command, the software automatically brings all flagged locations for confirmation of the inventory level. In addition, the software can conduct cycle counting by part and/or storage device, and can manage multiple work zones that have different types of storage and retrieval systems. FastPic Systems,, 800-897-8379. Write 226


The MAX3 container can be loaded two-wide, 14-deep, and two-high in a standard 53-ft. trailer, allowing for 20 percent more payload than typical shipping platforms. The reusable container features a 4.5:1 collapsed ratio and can be used for such products as PET preforms, cosmetics packaging, crowns, metal closures, pharmaceutical packaging and plastic closure moldings. According to the manufacturer, the container is easily stored, and its four-way fork entry design makes it easy to move. The MAX3 is made with polypropylene and can be used to ship sensitive packaging products to customers that demand a sanitary environment. The plastic material is also easily recycled. LINPAC Materials Handling,, 800-442-4829. Write 227


These custom industrial quality stairs and landings are designed to retrofit to existing installations that may be in violation of building codes. The stairs are available with open or closed risers and in welded or bolted configurations, with a standard stair tread width of 36 in. Stair treads are available in open-grate, serrated, pan, and flat or diamond plate material. Landings can be provided with the stair assemblies, or independently. The standard landing measures 4 ft. x 4 ft. Double intermediate landings that are used to turn stair direction 180 degrees at the mid-point or top of the stairs are also available. The stairs can also be used in fire escape applications or as secondary exits. W.A. Schmidt, Inc.,, 800-523-6719. Write 228


The 1045 portable load dock scissors lift is on wheels and is designed to load and unload trucks in areas that have no loading dock. The lift has a built-in two-HP power unit. The height goes from five-and-a-quarter in. to 58-1/4 in. Features include a 4,000-lb. capacity, a six-ft. x six-ft. platform, an 18 in. x 60 in. hinged bridge, a 30 in. x 60 in. hinged approach ramp with a built-in wheel chock, push button controls and a removable handrail. Advance Lifts, Inc.,, 800-843-3625. Write 229


Conductive and anti-static bulk bags protect against electrostatic discharges. The Pactainer ED container is grounded during use. It is constructed of fabric that contains special threads to route static charges to groundable black tabs. The Crohmiq-Blue Super Sack container is made of fabric that dissipates charges without grounding to eliminate static buildup. B.A.G. Corporation,, 800-331-9200. Write 230


The yoke closure bar for bulk bag dischargers allows for an easy tie-off and can prevent powder leakage. The bars consist of a series of "Y"-bars that cinch the bulk bag shut, improving operator safety when tying and untying the bulk bag. The operator can also batch and meter from the bulk bags by using the flexible screw conveyor to control powder flow. The closure bar is intended for use in specialty food and pharmaceutical operations. Spiroflow Systems, Inc.,, 704-291-9595. Write 231

CONVEYOR LIGHTS THINGS UP The 2200 and 3200 Series Backlit conveyors come installed with an internal lighting system that shines through the conveyors' translucent belt. The 2200 Series conveyors have an 80-lb. load capacity, belt speeds of up to 276 ft. per minute, and widths from 1.75 in. to two feet. The 3200 Series conveyors feature a 1,000-lb. load capacity, belt speeds of up to 421 ft. per minute, and flat belt, cleated belt and center drive models. Dorner Manufacturing,, 800-397-8664. Write 232


The VL 480 lidder lids/seals standard, design style and bliss style trays in one continuous motion at speeds up to 30 trays per minute. The adjustable design can accommodate a wide range of tray sizes. According to the manufacturer, the open layout of the machine facilitates maintenance and minimizes changeovers times. The lid hopper can be filled while the machine is still in operation. Standard features include: gravity roller discharge; a pressurized hot melt glue unit; a programmable logic controller; and a polycarbonate interlocked guard package that includes articulating doors. Applications include cosmetics, paper products, prepared foods, dairy products, snack foods and produce. SWF Companies,, 847-427-9525. Write 233


The SmartDate 3c 128 wide area continuous printer is designed for generic packages that require a larger-than-average area for printing. Features include: automatic real time date coding; keypad code changes with no manual setup of characters and alignment; 300 dpi printing capability; and a wide variety of fonts and pre-programmed layouts. According to the manufacturer, the printer's applications include pictures, bar codes, ingredients, and foreign language printing within a 5 in. x 5 in. or smaller print area. MARKEM Corporation,, 866-263-4644 Write 235


The Easy Arm Intelligent Lifting Arm device uses a processor-controlled servo-drive system to create an ergonomic articulating jib design. According to the manufacturer, the lifting arm acts like an extension of the operator's arm and can lift any weight within the capacity range. The arm does not require a foundation: a four-bolt pattern allows it to be placed without pouring a new foundation. It also has adjustable tension of both arms and pivots in two places on the boom. Gorbel, Inc.,, 800-821-0086. Write 234


The man-up ETX-Kombi lift truck has an AC drive control designed for narrow aisle applications. The operator can stand or sit in the driver's cabin and get unobstructed views of the fork, load and aisle way. The truck has a 180-degree swing reach mast that allows loads to be picked up from either side of the storage aisle. The control devices are positioned in the center control panel. The operator receives information from a digital display on the center console, which also controls functions such as lifting/lowering, steering and braking. The truck handles up to 3,300 lbs. and has lift speeds of 82 ft./min. Two styles are available: the two-stage mast maximum lift height is 462 in., and for the three-stage, the maximum is 560 in. Jungheinrich Lift Truck Corp.,, 888-333-2644. Write 236


Mast lift offers motion on two axes for turbine equipment inspection in a power generation facility. The lift has a capacity of 5,000 lbs. and the tooling and fixture can be raised at a rate of approximately 2.5 ft. per minute. A power rotator rotates the tooling 180 degrees at the full "up" position. Because there are no overhead connections between the columns, the lift can be loaded via overhead crane. The controls include a handheld remote control unit, expansion space for a light curtain or safety mats, and sensors to ensure that the fixture is properly attached to the lift before any motion can occur. Handling Specialty,, 800-559-8366. Write 237


Day-Lite Translucent slats, used in conjunction with the Universal GX-4000 panel, allow natural light into the dock area and plant. The six-in.-high slat is made from an extruded acrylic material and can be retrofitted to the Universal GX-4000 slat or panel. On a standard 24-in. high door panel, the translucent slat or two double-stacked slats would occupy the center slat positions. The slat diffuses the light that passes through it so that objects on the other side are not clearly distinguishable. Rite-Hite Corporation,, 800-465-0600. Write 239


The K-Bot Palletizer is a four-axis, floor-level palletizer and de-palletizer capable of running single or dual line applications at a rate of up to 10 cycles per minute. It allows for pallet sizes of up to 48 in. x 48 in. and unit loads up to 72 in. high and can move up to 175 lbs. The operator interface is programmed with pre-defined pack patterns to facilitate changeover. The K-Bot features stationary motors and power encoder cables for longer life. Schneider Packaging Equipment Company,, 315-676-3035. Write 238


The Shelf Storage and Picking System presents two sets of shelves at a time to the picker. The shelving units are designed to take up the alloted space to allow more efficiency in storage, and rotate to display the available inventory. Pickers work from an area located outside the potentially harsh environments where product may be stored. According to the manufacturer, the system allows for the densest possible storage of product. SK Daifuku Corporation,, 801-359-9900. Write 240

A NEW WAVE VEHICLE The Work Assist Vehicle, or Wave, elevates an operator and load up to seven feet. The vehicle provides 84 in. of lift and161 in. of height for a typical operator standing on the platform. There is also a load tray for easy handling when the operator reaches the necessary height. Load tray capacity is 100 lbs., and the load deck below it can carry up to 250 lbs. The Wave is 30 in. wide and has a zero turn radius; the operator can turn the vehicle in a complete circle without engaging in any travel. The Wave can travel nearly twice as fast as the average walking speed. Crown Equipment Corporation,, 419-629-2311. Write 241


The Max Climber 2000 Rack & Pinion Lifting System features five-foot, 95 lb. galvanized mast sections and can be installed with four bolts. The system features a customizable basket size of 57 in. x 52 in. and is equipped with emergency upper and lower limit devices and a separate emergency overspeed brake; a fold-down standing platform for installing and anchoring mast; and a removable controller for easier service. The system may be field upgraded for passenger use. It is available with mounting clamps to attach to scaffolding or anchor to a building and contains screw jacks for easy and fast leveling of base. Beta Max Inc.,, 800-233-5112. Write 243


"Miniature" ball transfer units can perform conventional material handling and positioning functions for transfer of small parts. The units allow for 360-degree movement and can be installed inside sensitive equipment as an alternative to rollers. Typical applications include instrumentation, measurement and automation products. Ball sizes range from 4.8 mm to 9.6 mm, and weights go from 0.003 kg to 0.06 kg. Load ratings go from 10 kg to 70 kg. All types feature steel housings (with steel balls and a flat top; stainless steel balls and a flat top; or stainless steel balls and an angled top). SKF Motion Technologies,, 800-541-3624. Write 242


This 40 in. x 48 in. plastic, nestable pallet has been designed for export and one-way shipping applications. The pallet weighs 21.5 lbs. and complies with all European Union and Asian import packaging standards. According to the manufacturer, the plastic pallet offers: resistance to pests and water damage found in wood pallets; no rust, nails or splinters; smooth deck, corners and edges that do not damage product; and easy nesting for space saving storage, The pallet is also 100 percent recyclable at the end of its service life. ORBIS Corp.,, 888-307-2185. Write 244